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Challenging curriculum in its high schools. Historic LR Central High School is diverse and students are happy.
I have been in the Little Rock School District since 4th grade. I am now in 10th grade. I currently go to Little Rock Central High. It is a good school but there are some problems within the school. Some teachers are racist and homophobic. Students are too. There are still good students who believe in equality and are really nice.
The school district is overall good. There are bad moments that they have within the administration, but not everyone is a bad teacher/administrator.
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The Little Rock School District has been an average experience for me. Being in the district has been filled with many ups and downs. I have received many opportunities, however, many opportunities have been kept from me. I have lived these past years in classes that are in higher and in more complex standing in the district. My experience in those classes have been helpful to me as well as giving me the challenge and ambition that I always strive for. I feel that the district should give more opportunities to students in regular classes. Those students deserve the same opportunities as those in AP and IB classes. Each student has their own strengths and weakness and it would be a shame for schools to miss out of such wonderful and intelligent students.
The administration completely disregards all voices of the community and student body in favor of their own, often greedy, decisions.
The Little Rock School District experienced a lot of positive and negative change in my time as a student. I was a student in this district my entire school career and I love the public school system dearly. However, more recently the state takeover of the district has caused negative turmoil in Little Rock's schools. The government felt like it was threatening their own public school teachers when it threatened to dissolve the LREA. In my senior year of high school, some of my favorite teachers striked multiple times throughout the year because their career, livelihood, and basic human rights were threatened. Two other schools in the district have been shut down and will be transformed into a charter school, putting many teachers out of work. I love this district and I loved my life in Little Rock public schools, however, the teachers and education deserves more love, care, and attention. Teachers put so much work in to give each child a fair and free education, they deserve more.
I like how the school district isn’t set up currently. However, I know things have taken place with the LREA, and the teachers have been fighting to keep the district the same. It frightens me that thing are going to change drastically, and I would hate for that to happen during my senior year of high school.
I loved my time in the Little Rock School District. I had fantastic teachers and supporters in my over 12 years in the school system. I am very grateful for the preparation I received for the next chapter of my life.
The School District is supportive specially when the virus situation started to get worse. Although there has been some issues over who’s in control of the SD.
I loved the little rock school district, I thought the locally elected school board did a good job trying to make sure every child was heard. However, a few years ago the state took over the school board, and there is a plan to move towards a charter system. Even though I'm a senior, I have a sister who still attends little rock schools, and I hope for her sake that local control is soon reestablished.
The Little Rock school district needs a little impoving. The schools need to take action on the teachers when the students are failing half the class.
I like how they make the students the top priority and I dont like the zoning changes they’re doing.
Overall, I was challenged academically & physically. I was given many opportunities to help build character and build my academic, sports and community service.
I like little rock school district because the teachers and faculties go beyond what their supposed to do to help students and insure our safety.
I want to change the safety of the schools. My school just don’t feel that safe to me. We say it time and time again but nobody is listening to us. And also i would like to change the food.
My experience with the Little Rock school district is always good. When I need help they always tend to help me and try their best. I’m a student in the Little Rock School District, most teachers are willing to help any student. Overall my experience is always alright if that’s during school, during lunch or with the officers at the schools.
My experience as a student within the LRSD has been phenomenal. Teachers strive to be effective in teaching methods and make sure their students are able to retain information easily. LRSD is also ethnically diverse and economically diverse. Students of various ethnic backgrounds come together from different socio-economic backgrounds to create a culturally intelligent melting pot. While the food may not be great, the diversity, academics, and athletics make the district a great niche for all students. LRSD makes sure they prepare each and every child for their future with multiple advanced placement courses and the opportunity to join various academic and community based student organizations. As a student coming from a private school, I have realized LRSD may not be super fancy, but it's an amazing school district with minor flaws and always make the needs of their students' a top priority.
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This school district should be vote as one of the top if it is not. Students learn a lot and the way the teachers teach is really effective and prepares the students to farther education if they would like. The schools in this district are like a family. The schools offer various programs that can possibly total change someone's life for the better.
The teachers are wonderful, but they are being mistreated with pay and with the way the district is changing laws and making their job hard on the teachers. A lot of schools are getting shut down ever since the state had took over, because the LRSD did not provide the proper setting and learning environment for students such as myself. The LRSD is very stingy with their money and will not help the schools in the district with new books, desks, buses, etc*. Clubs and foreign languages are being removed from the schools and teachers are being fired and many are livid about it. There is also a concern with the food that is provided. Ever since I could personally remember there was always something wrong with the food. There would be mold on the food, or it would be under/over cook, smelly, etc*. It has gotten so bad it went public on the news and nothing has changed.
Overall we kinda have a good school district I like that they made high school have 4 classes a day . Something that I will like to change is the zoning of the area a child should be able to go where every they want . Also we need better food the food they have is not good for the children .
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