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I like that my school district is very welcoming and accepting to all students. I do think that our school district could improve on paying our teachers better, there for the overall education of the students would improve. I like having happy teachers who are enthusiastic to teach me.
My experience with the Little Rock School District is pretty well, it’s had ups and downs but overall my school district is well managed. I enjoy the fact that teachers from all over schools will keep contact with one another to make each school as great as possible. Eventually some schools will come together to unite and stand together as one to make a change in our District for the best of teachers, students, and staff. One thing that I would like for my District to change is the payment of teachers and staff, they deserve more because teachers help us get prepared for our future, staff helps maintain the school safe and clean day to day. Our teachers are putting so much effort to keep us going and prepare us for the real world after high school, it took them so much to be where they are now, we should be thankful for them and everyone else that helps us to be who we are now. The teachers I’ve had in my past 13-14 years have been the greatest and I appreciate them very well.
I went to Central for four years and it was great! I'm a big fan and would recommend anyone in the school district/Little Rock area to go. I had good teachers and a great time and it really prepared me for college.
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The Little Rock School District cares about their children. They want their children to excel in basic academics, such as math, but, most importantly, they want their children to have a good life. My school offers tutoring for many subjects almost everyday just to ensure that their children have access to help and are capable of doing their best.
I liked the most meeting all the kids around me. It was great meeting everyone with different tallents and different taste and things, but we all got along most of the time. I liked the opportunities that are giving to me at all my schools. The school spirit is about average on most days. I don't like most of the teachers always nagging and pushing you to do extra stuff you don't want to do. I know they want the best but sometimes I want the best for myself. Overall the district is average they have they days where they do the most.
Within the little rock school district I really like the diversity and I also like the students that's within the school. The environment I really like and I love the people within the school it's self. One thing that they should change is the food, its not that good and its not a lot to go around.
There are some improvements that could be made to school institutions with a majority minority population. Other than that, LRSD tries its hardest to give its students the education they need.
I have attended two different high schools in the Litlle Rock School District, first Hall High and now Central High and I haven't personally had a wonderful time at either. I know plenty of people who love Central it just isn't really my scene, although high school, in general, isn't really my scene. On the other hand, I don't know anyone with a love for Hall, not even the teachers at Hall care about the school. Central has some amazing teachers and some less savory people but for the most part, it's a good place academically and it can be a good place socially if you happen to fall into one of the more popular groups. I'm not super wild about high school but I certainly wouldn't go to any other Little Rock School.
I attended this high school from 2009 to 2012, 10th grade to graduation. It was an overall enjoyable place with lots of supportive people and many different students with different goals in life.
I Think that the Little Rock School District is great at what they do but there is always room for improvement.
The Little Rock School District is one of the best districts in the state of Arkansas. From the teachers to the students to the work ethic, everything is just amazing. What I like most about it is how everyone is like family, and actually care for one another. We are one and succeed as one. One thing that I would like to change, though, is the food we are served. I understand we aren’t at a five star restaurant, but they could at least give us a variety instead of the same thing every other week.
I have been able to meet a very diverse group of students while attending a public school in the LRSD. I have had excellent teachers who have given me a passion for learning.
They don't really help the kids who don't understand what is going on in the system they just pass them. Every school in the little rock school district isn't on the same level of learning.
So far I have learned a lot from the schools I have gone to in the LRSD. I have enjoyed my time here and will miss it greatly when I graduate.
Some of the teachers are rude. The schedule is very confusing and not much fun things are planned for this school.
LRSD is good in sports and diversity but has a lot to progress in dealing with the district and teachers which effect the students.
I enjoyed being in the Little Rock School District since I was in 4th grade. The only thing that can be changed for the Little Rock School district is if they can improve on safety since kids are still getting bullied and not enough faculties do something about it. I also feel that they should not do budget cuts because it takes out all the fun activities and not getting the students involved.
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I enjoyed the eStem Downtown campus as it gave students a chance to be in the real world and allowed us time away from school during lunch, However the move to UALR took away many of those freedoms and made us feel restrained as a student body. I would like to see those freedoms returned to the next senior class as it made the weight of school feel a lot more bearable when you had time off like an actual adult.
Little Rock School District is the best district in Arkansas. They focus on academics and even if you’re an athlete you’re a student first. If I could change anything it’ll be to have more classes and better food.
As a freshman, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the surroundings that I was in when opening the doors of Parkview Arts Science Magnet High School. The teachers treat you like family, and they genuinely care about you and your future. The students are diverse and well rounded. We are exposed to many opportunities provided by our counselors. All and all, The experience was amazing. Though, the change progressively got more challenging but that's something that I wasn't surprised because it's Parkview.
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