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Little Miami Local School District Reviews

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Little Miami High School is a growing, excellent rated high school with good acedemics and much improving sports. It is a school that is growing every year but still remains a tight-knit community.
The teachers are great at Little Miami, they make sure that the students feel supported and always help the students when they're struggling or confused. the guidance counselors are very helpful when it comes to helping students with their classes, feelings, and their futures!
Good community with good support. There are very good teachers that know what they're doing and actually teach. Not a large variety of classes, so specializing in an area or trying to figure out if you like an area is challenging. LM actively prepares students for their futures and for if a student plans to go to college.
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This is my first year in the school district, and there is no diversity, also I feel as if the new student engagement and adjustment in the beginning was not well thought out. I am very accustom to change, and this school has been one of the most difficult adjustments I have ever had to make as a new student. I do not even know who the principal is.
Little Miami Local Schools has made recent strides to improve its facilities and resources to better accommodate and serve students. As a recent alum I owe much of my education to this school district and am proud to see it work hard for future generations.
All of my teachers supported me and were very nice. Enjoyed being a cheerleader for basketball, football, attending dances or school events. We only received lap tops to use in class this school year, so wished we could have had more technology resources in the last 5 years. Always felt safe in school.
I really enjoy the Little Miami school district because they help us prepare for college. They also have good and helpful teachers. I also like that the school district is smaller and teachers get to know you pretty well.
I liked how many of the teachers and staff were willing to help you and are willing to be patient with you. I did feel like the students were divided and every day there was more drama.
Little Miami has been a phenomenal community to grow up in. No matter the hardships the whole community always comes together and pulls through as one.
I wouldn't wanted to have go through high school at any other school other than Little Miami. I probably could have gotten a better education elsewhere, the food isn't that great, school starts earlier than it should, are football team has lost over twenty in a row, but, I still would not have wanted to go anywhere else. The school spirit and community is what makes Little Miami the best school there is. The school district has gone through many tragedies just in the past four years. My freshman year a senior who I knew died in a car accident. My sophomore year, one of my classmates committed suicide and one got cancer. My junior year, my best friend since the age of ten died in a car accident. The way our community comes together to support each other is truly amazing. The staff is also unbelievably supportive. I love my school. Although my high school experience has been sort of tragic, my school has helped me through it.
Transferred from out of state to the school last year. There aren't as many clubs as I would like to see, but overall its a good school!
Little Miami School District is a great environment. They are very clean and everybody is so nice and welcoming.
Little Miami High School is an amazing school. There is no where else I would rather go. The teachers have are all very kind and have been doing a great job of preparing me for college. The sports teams and coaches show great sportsmanship and teamwork. The community I live in embraces education and has a great sense of unity and we all support each other.
I enjoy my school for many reasons. The teachers are excellent and have been diligently preparing me for college. The school is small enough so that I am able to get to know everyone in my class. My fellow students are amazing and there is little to no bullying. I play lacrosse and my teamates have terrific sportsmanship and we all really try to help each other out and watch over each other. There is no other school in the world that I would rather attend.
Little Miami is a tight knit district, everybody knows everyone, and students are known by their name by every teacher, they aren't treated as a number. I have gone to Little Miami since I was in kindergarten and enjoyed every year all the way to my senior year. I still have strong relationships with past teacher who mentor me to this day. Being a Little Miami student is something to be proud of, our sports might not be the best but we are known for excellent academics and music. As I am involved with our music program, I am very proud to have such amazing teachers to lead our students in life through the power of music and positive influence. I could not imagine my high school career being any better at another school, or any of my schooling for that matter. Little Miami is definitely a five star school to me and many other students, faculty, and people within our community.
This school district is very tight-knit. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive of each other. Every teacher is dedicated to their job and wants the students to learn, not just pass the tests. The classes and programs are very challenging and encourage the students to find enjoyment in learning.
I spent 4 yrs in LMHS and it is a great school with good program, great teachers. During my HS years levy didn't pass therefore school was on fiscal emergency and therefore financial resources were limited. We had to pay for sports and participation in marching band but my family and I didn't mind. My believe is that we should pay for what we participate in. Even with limited financial resource I believe the education quality didn't decease. I have nothing but great memories of LMHS and I believe that they prepared me to succeed in college and in life.
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I loved the tight community even though the athletic teams weren't successful. Classes are pretty easy but can get boring and repetitive. Teachers are all willing to work with you if you need help but you have to come to them for when it's convenient. Overall a great atmosphere.
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