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Little Elm Independent School District Reviews

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I think all teachers really care for our future and try their best to get us ready for college. They are very patient and will find anyway and any time to help you understand the topic.
Little Elm High school is a pretty good school. You have fun and you learn a lot with your classmates, teachers and specially with yourself.
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I am a student at Little Elm High School for two years and I have some experience when I am study here. At first, I want to talk about the teachers, they are so nice to the student but sometimes they are strict to help the student try harder and get better grade in class. I can see they are hard-working and the loves to their student and try their best to make my school going up and improve each year. I also know every school will have their our problem to fixes. In my school, some student still talk or make noise in the class and play phone, this is made them cannot pay attention in the class and get bad grade, I want our school we have a rule on that and the teacher should be more serious about this problem. I believe that in the future Little Elm High School can fix this problem, and we will try get in the top best high school in Texas, moreover student from here can help the social and economic in U.S increase.
They will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed. They work with you everyday and you leave there knowing without a doubt that you are safe.
I love everything about it! The teachers, students, and staff are all very helpful, and you can tell that they truly care and are passionate for education and student success.
Teachers care about their students and students feel like a family. I didn't like that every year they changed something about the school, such as start times, schedules, grading policy, and reward system.
I love the environment at LEHS!! Almost every single teacher i've had has been incredible and have always worked to help be better my self, my grades/GPA, and have ALWAYS been around whenever I have needed help even if they aren't teaching that particular subject but have taught it in the past they always have a helping hand to provide. Although the school spirit has been declining the past couple of years i'm hopeful that this year will bring more spirt to Little Elm High School. The CTE department at Little Elm is also another phenomenal part of preparing my for my future (especially the health science department and HOSA-Future Health Professionals club).
Teachers loved to motivate their students to be the best that they can be and always tried to keep teaching fun.
My time at Little Elm High School has been a pretty average experience. The education here could definitely be better, not to say that it isn’t good, but there’s no focus in the classrooms. However, as a school we always come together during events such as football and basketball games. It’s always a fun environment but that same energy should be put into our education because there are times where I feel like no one really cares about education.
I am the oldest of four children and i can say that being the first to graduate was rough. I loved my high school; always organized and offering levels of classes that me and my brother could both excell in that taught us the same information in different ways. I always had been an overachiver and my younger brother has always fought to make it to the next year with all his credits. However Little Elm ISD made it possible for us to both get to the end goal successfully, and have a large amount of information, both practical and textbook type, to make it out there in the "real world." I wouldn't change it for anything.
Little Elm is more than a high school but rather a big community. There are little things that I would change. The only thing I would change is the recent change of block schedule of two classes.
In my time at Little Elm, I have met some amazing teachers who have stood by my side and been such a mentor to me. The staff also likes to try and keep the students needs and ideas in mind when thinking of how to make our school better.
My school is a mixture of everything the students really don't care about anything they choose to do what they want where they want and how they want and in my opinion teachers don't get paid enough to deal with all the students and i feel the rule on grades is not preparing us for college it's making us lazy we can retake test as many times we want until we get an 85% and the teachers can't get mad and you can turn in any work at anytime even if report cards were already put out.
The change over the last several years has been amazing. I was on the verge of pulling my kids out of the district when some major changes took place. Just walking into the school, you could feel the difference. The positive energy was just flowing! All the new offerings and certificate programs (we used to call vocational) are simply wonderful. My son is taking full advantage of the welding program and my daughter is working on obtaining a pharmacy tech certification before she graduates. She plans to go to school to be a pharmacist and this certification will allow her to work in the industry while going to college! I love LEISD, and want to thank them so much for what they have done for my kids.
Little Elm is a pretty good school district. The one thing i would change is getting the students moe involved in things. When we have school activities or events not a lot of the student body shows up. I think this is because the school doesn't really promote these things as much as they should. So a lot of the kids don't hear about it until the last minute or not at all.
i liked the sports department and how when we needed to come together as school we were there for each other, however i would like for the school to teach more about college and explain step by step what can be done to get into college scholarships opportunities and everything else.
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What i like about the district that they are very sweet and welcoming and make it a very safe environment.
I like that Little Elm is filled with different kinds of students and teachers. However , the school lunches could be changed.
I really enjoy being a student here in Little Elm ISD. I have been in this district since kinder garden. As I have gotten older, I have developed great relationships with the staff here, such as my teachers. They offer a variety of classes to take, in the CTE program. These classes allow you to get a feel for what you plan on studying in college. They have done a great job with that.
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