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Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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The past 4 years going to LCM Highschool couldnt have been better. My senior year has definitely topped all the others but thats a no brainer. Mr. Dubose, our new principal, is amazing and is always keeping students spirits high. The teachers at LCM are like no other and care so much about their students. If I was to stay in SETX I would definitely enroll my children here.
LCM was a great school and the teachers actually want to see you succeed. There are so many ways to get involved on campus, and they actually do prepare you for college. LCM has some of the best teachers ever.
The school was overall average but a few things needed to be changed. For instance the cafeteria food was terrible and some of the teachers needed to be more educated in more than one way. The district as a whole could be for more better than it is in present time but I believe they are working to improve that in multiple ways as the years pass. No high school can be perfect in every way but I do recommend Little Cypress Mauriceville to those who are searching for a new school for their child, but do not recommend it to children who are looking for a school because of past experiences with bullies or faculty problems
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It was a great school with amazing teachers who always went above and beyond to teach above what was required!
I liked the small town feel of the school with a variety of students that helped me create so many unique friendships.
Little Cypress Mauriceville High school cares more about how they look on paper than how the school is actually doing. Brandy Chricchio is a liar and made my whole high school career terrible because she treated me like i was nothing as she did most of my friends. Todd Lupe is a coward of a principle and is to scared to punish students correctly because he is scared of what parents or students will do. He is also big buddies with Brady and will believe anything she says and does anything she tells him to do. Favoritism is was the school needs to work on because that is what every teachers shows.
I would like to see Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School become more rounded in both their academics and their sports. LCMCISD does not blend the two areas well, causing disruption for athletes involved in academic extracurricular activities.
great school small but large enough for diversity. The school has been going through construction to make it a safer better school and it is almost done. THe High School has a new large gym and new jr high and middle schools.
Our school is a nice place. There needs to be more parent involvement though. It looks bad right now because he suffered from hurricane Harvey! Out of all our campuses which are 6 only two are functional.
LCM is a good school district. The teachers are good, and the atmosphere is nice. The district employs a great staff. I have good memories from there. I wish the construction finishes though.
I had a pretty good experience at LCM. The teachers were great but I wish we had better facilities and resources.
I suppose it might be just like anywhere, but for the vast majority of my experience, the school is outstanding. I should state my bias of having family working in the district and how that might make my schooling a bit different, but that aside, this district is incredible with dedicated staff, a range of subjects all taught to a relatively high standard (especially the STEM courses), and many very involved clubs. My only real complaints are not problems with the school itself, but funding is a constant issue, all of the clubs and sports are almost entirely funded by the parents or with fundraisers, and among the students, there is this sense that the town is in disrepair. But the school is certainly above it.
At LCM, they have many good things going, but also many bad things. The clubs, fine arts department, and academics are all wonderful and provide great opportunities. But, the classrooms are falling apart and the communication is very low. Teachers don't teach and not many adults are there to stand up for the students when they have problems.
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