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Cute town, helps students to prepare for college. Lots of school spirit for a small school, and great guidance counselors. However, I'd love to see more AP classes offered.
It is a small school which is nice. Everyone knows everyone which can be good but also bad. Campbell offers a lot for a small school, however you do miss out on some things like more than one language.
The Litchfield School District has been great to its students over the past years. The administration, especially at Campbell High School, is stellar, and even if the teachers are not all perfect, they care about our education. For a small school there is a quite an array of classes, and if there is a vocational class not provided, surrounding high schools allow you to take those classes there. The food could use some improvement and the schools are not very diverse at all, but other than that, this is a great district. The parents are very involved and our sports programs are great, starting at the elementary level, all the way up to high school sports. Overall, from loading my schedule with honors and AP classes for the past two years I feel ready for college which is the most important thing.
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I am a senior at Campbell high school and I feel as though Campbell needs to improve their college readiness. I would like to see Campbell slow down and give students time to really understand what they are doing. I feel like they move too fast through lessons. Some of the teachers are kind and will go out of their way to help students succeed. Technology at Campbell is excellent, there are many different software programs that allow student to complete projects and increase their computer knowledge. Their technology is constantly improving and keeping up with new programs and software. Their are many computer/technology opportunities available at Campbell high school. I will say that the food at Campbell is pretty good considering it’s school food.
I like that Litchfield is a small tight knit community. Most of the teaching staff is dedicated to the students. The food options however could use some improvements. And, since it is such a small community there is not much diversity.
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