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I very much enjoyed the school atmosphere at sporting events and even at school rallies. The faculty and students are kind and helpful and there isn't any bullying that I am aware of. An area of improvement I think needs to be addressed is the visual appeal of the school. Overall, the school is amazing, the classes, the teachers, the students, and school spirit.
Most of the teachers within the Litchfield School District are great at their jobs and have a true passion for working with the children.The district really needs to work on its budgeting as we have had many shortages in the past few years which calls for cuts. Some of the most impacted areas affected by these cuts are the technology department as well as the staffing.
The teachers are very helpful in all situations, although in athletics some kids can get favored over others because they have a family member in the school district, and they are not always fair when it comes to treating everyone equally.
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Litchfield Public Schools do a great job of keeping kids involved in a variety of areas. I would like to see more flexibility in new events through different clubs. I would have liked to be able to take more college credit opportunity classes, especially in the science department.
I felt like I received an impeccable education. The teachers, academics, and college readiness has helped me succeed in my college courses. Something I would like to see change would be the administration. It was consistently poor in punishments, staying involved with the students, and setting a positive example. Whenever administration would be mentioned there would always be a negative connotation- nothing positive. If something were to change I would hope there would be a more positive change and involvement felt by the students.
In all of my life at Litchfield, I never had a teacher I did not like. Each one went out of their way to connect with students and give as much of their help as possible. I highly intend to raise my own children here when I have them. Litchfield school district gives a person a sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere.
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