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Litchfield Elementary School District Reviews

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Got an amazing, quality dedication. Teachers were devoted and really engaged in my academic success. About to enter college and I still reminisce about how much fun I had in elementary school. Litchfield Elementary school district will not disappoint!
Wonderful teachers and administrative staff. The school could definitely benefit from remodel and resources for students and teachers.
Litchfield elementary school district is an excellent district, with quality schools and quality teachers. The schools are also quite new and well equipped.
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It was a great experience when I was a middle schooler there. Though there weren't much clubs when I was attending school there, it was a very enjoyable middle school experience
I really like the small town feeling at Scott Libby, the teachers and especially the front office ladies go over and above for my kiddos.
As a mom of two ASD children, and two non asd kids, this district has made it a joy for us to have our kids attend public schools. Not only are they able to teach our nt child, but have wonderful programs for kids on the spectrum. Best schools around.
The schools represented in the Litchfield Elementary school district all have great learning programs. For myself this school district made it all happen for me, as I have learning problem. With years of dedication the teacher put into me and other students I was able to be like the rest of the kids.
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