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Litchfield Community Schools Reviews

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Litchfield schools is a small school with the best of the best in teachers and is only going to get better with the hire of the new superintendant. the school is not a priority school any more and things are only going to get better. we have a huge industrial park and some big things happening in affordable housing and in the job opportunities for families to move to Litchfield and enjoy the small town comfort life.
I love the small class sizes at LCS. The size of the classes allow the teachers to have more one on one time with students which I enjoy. Although it is nice to have small numbers of students, it can be hard to make new friends as a new comer because of how close everyone already is.
I love the teachers and staff. They always make sure everyone is okay. The class sizes are perfect. With a small class you can get one on one time with the teachers. Our school also has ipads for each student to use during school hours. I have been there since kindergarten and never have wanted to leave. It is an amazing school.
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It gives you many opportunities to succeed, if you actually dedicate yourself to them. The high school is classified as a reward school now, from this year. I would like to see the food change, it's pretty gross. Another thing to change would be how things are handled, not many kids are getting in trouble for things they should. Overall Litchfield has been a blast, but I'm glad I'm done.
My experience at Litchfield Community School was very short but it wasn't that bad. Granted when I went by to it my senior year it was going through tough times. But I made it through and enjoyed it so much.
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