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Lisle Community Unit School District No. 202 Reviews

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I’ve been going to this school for a while now and majority of my review is positive but this school has some negatives like food and some teachers. I would say about 80% of teachers are very good. Some teachers are not good in many ways.
Being at student at Lisle's high school was the best decision that I made thus far for my education. This is a primarily good school, and the education is taken very seriously. The teachers are very helpful, and even the staff notices when your grades are slipping. Academically, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
It's great. Good school, and good teachers. There are a lot of activities and clubs, like spanish club, and french club. The band is amazing, and I love performing. I especially love marching season. The dances are really fun, and the teachers make sure we do well in order to prepare us for college.
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I have attending District 202 schools for my entire life. I like the size of the schools and how the community and schools influence each other. I feel like the teachers and administration value and respect me as a student.
It was nice to grow up in a small town with people that I went to school with from preschool to senior year. The district pushes for academic excellence and has an excess of money. They had special programs for every child and I had no complaints about the district until I got to the junior high school. I disagree with the way most schools do a lot of things disciplinary wise, but that is something that is not easy to change. That was about the point where I realised that school were all about getting good grades, not learning anything important. That's not really the school's fault, but it is the culture of high school across the nation.
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