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Lisbon Public Schools Reviews

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Many teachers in Lisbon are truly caring and do their best to help students succeed in life. The facilities are older and pretty basic but the community is trying to improve them. However, the high school lacks some advanced classes and may not adequately prepare students for college and their Advanced Placement tests.
Average school, some teachers are good and others are not. students arent expected of much and get away with a lot. Goes along with the administration not enforcing rules and guidelines. The kids who don't deserve punishment, get it and those who do deserve it, never receive. I think the administration is scared or intimidated by certain students. Don't recommend if you want to be prepared for the future. They don't treat staff or students as they should, ever.
My experience with Lisbon Public schools has been an incredibly mediocre one. I feel that the faculty have done very little to prepare students for college. My tech school teacher whom I have only spent two years with has taught me more about the college process than anyone in Lisbon schools has.
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Lisbon is a very underfunded school with teachers coming in and out like the school is a revolving door. The administration ignores the bigger issues at Lisbon and tries to cover up the big picture with temporary fixes such as new bathrooms or a new coat of paint on the walls. They ignore the arts severely as well as Comprehensive Sex Education leaving our student vulnerable to dangerous situations
The teachers always care about the students' learning. They do their best to encourage students to follow their passions and to be successful.
Lisbon is a school with less resources but just as much of an ability to perform as its neighbors. If you are looking to move to lisbon you can absolutely make the most of the school's opportunities if you try and seek out what you are looking for
LHS is a very nice school. It has a small student population so everyone knows everyone. There is very little sign of bullying. We have great sports teams and a superb drama team.
Lisbon high school has great teachers however some of the students are Ruder than most other schools. However some students are very kind and courteous such as the student government and SADD groups.
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