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Linton-Stockton School Corporation Reviews

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It is a decent school, but it appears to care more about sports than other activities which I believe is common at most schools. Teachers are nice and seem to care about the students though.
This school has its issues but I wouldn't trade schools. This school is better than most in most of it's areas but definately has it's issues. I would recommend this school to others.
I loved going to Linton-Stockton. The classes weren't terrible hard, but they did make you work for it. I'm glad I got to go to this school for my school life. It is a really great choice.
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A great, small town to grow up in. I only wish the school cared more about fine arts half as much as they do sports.
It's a small school where everyone knows everyone and their mother, so the teachers never see you as a statistic, but as someone they'd like to see grow and flourish. The environment is friendly, and so are the people!
The teachers at Linton Stockton will be your absolute best friends. Two even helped me when I was applying for jobs.
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