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Linn-Mar Community School District Reviews

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I grew up in the linn mar school district and though they did a fine job except for one thing. They can not manage their money. They have spent a lot of money on fancy chairs that no one uses, updating color decor, and big flat screen tvs to display announcements even though almost every class has a working projector. Then they ask people for more money over a mil. and yet they can't even manage what they have now.
I had moved to the Linn-Mar High School before my freshman year, and the people there were very welcoming. College readiness in this school is a big plus with counselors helping you out 1 on 1. Linn-Mar also lets other colleges come to the high school to meet with students here. Diversity still has a long way to go, with around 85% of the student body being Caucasian. But overall, Linn-Mar allows many great opportunities for students to succeed in the upcoming future.
I spend all my years in this district. Although it is big, I made great relationships with teachers and other students. I felt cared for. The facilities are great and I love the music program.
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I loved my time at Linn Mar. I always felt welcome in my classes and in my extra curricular activities. The arts department is great at this school and even rivals with their amazing sports programs. I am blessed to be an alumni of this school.
Overall, it was a good experience, one of the best schools in Eastern Iowa. School culture was a bit off, considering the district clearly cared more about sports than anything else, even though the music program is fantastic as its essentially running independently of the school. Teachers were great for the most part, and met some of my best friends there.
I have gone to school in the Linn-Mar School district from K-12 in my experience I have recognized this district as a fairly good area to go to school. It is very safe as well as has very high standards for academic excellence. I will however note the lack of diversity there is in these schools. I graduated about 2 years ago and when I went to school I was one of the very few minorities at this school district. Along with this I have noted the lack of diversity among the teachers as well along with the kids it is predominately white. Besides for this factor I have seen Linn-Mar Schools do very well in educating their students as well as keep them involved in many school activities. These schools have a high involvement of school spirit. They have a lot of opportunities for parents to get involved and is very good for someone who is involved in their community.
I would change how big it is. the schools have pretty big class sizes and it is not as much one on one with the teacher as what some students would like.
Very diverse community that encourages learning and future academic achievement! I always felt very comfortable at Linn-Mar all throught my schooling there.
Linn-Mar high school is an awesome school with many opportunities to succeed and prepare students for college!
Linn-Mar is know for its superior education system which includes only the best teachers and has a large availability for extra help opportunities. The music department is also known for being one of the best in the state. The new additions the high school are beautiful and great places to host events.
Linn-mar has kind, caring teachers but the district is over-crowded. There are many clubs and sports offered.
Overall Linn-Mar is a great district. Of course there are some teachers that do not have passion about what they are teaching however I have had some of the best and most influential teachers who have truly impacted my life.
95% of my teachers at Linn-Mar truly cared about my education and learning. Of course, nothing is perfect, but I will never forget how much fun I had while learning about everything from Shakespeare to statistics, to feudalism. Outside the classroom, it was so easy to get involved. There is an organization for just about anything you'd want to be apart of.
Linn-Mar offers a great sense of community that continues to grow alongside it's students. We succeed in all catgegories, including academics, music and theater, sports, and organizations. There are many clubs that allow all students to gain a sense of belonging and continue to grow in areas they are most passionate about. There are many college level classes offered, in every school subject from Literature to History, and even to start student's journey to becoming a nurse or EMT. We are proud of the level of college and real-life readiness Linn-Mar supports it's students in developing.
I enjoyed my time at Linn-Mar; the staff is wonderful and tailors their teaching styles to what their students need. The only thing I disliked about my experience was the construction that happened during my Sophomore and Junior year, but that won't be a problem anymore!
I loved being apart of a competitive and well known high school. Linn-Mar prepared me for college. The school is competitive in sports and music, kids will be able to find something they enjoy. The staff is amazing and is there to help the kids. Great experience! Makes me miss high school!
It is a great school, the teachers are committed to helping you succeed if you make an effort. It is a very large school with all kinds of different activities and groups to join. Linn mar is all about succeeding.
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I love the way my school has so many different options to offer as classes. AP classes, online classes, and Kirkwood and other college classes are readily available and easy to sign up for. Tutoring help can easily be found, and overall the teachers truly care and desire to teach all students well. Linn-Mar was a very good high school, and I am thankful I got the opportunity to attend!
I've enjoyed my experience at Linn-Mar. The staff truly care about students success and value students opinions and what they have to say. Throughout my time at Linn-Mar, I've been given many opportunities to join sports teams and clubs, there is such a variety of extracurricular activities to be apart of, it is easy to find one to enjoy.
The teachers care about your education and help you succeed. Everyone is welcoming and kind to others. Also the new renovation are great.
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