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Line Mountain School District Reviews

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Line Mountain School District is a small, rural school. The district itself is quite large, though the population is not as large. The district does not have much diversity.
My experience at Line Mountain high school has had many ups and downs, but bring in my senior year I feel I have gotten a very good education
This high school is rather small and very protected from major problems in the outside world. Many people say Line Mountain is a terrible school, but it really is not bad. Many people dramatize small issues within the school and mistake issues for something they are not. The problems that occur at Line Mountain occur in other schools as well. Some teachers here do not prepare you for college, but there are quite a few that do. For instance, some teachers will teach the kids who are paying attention. Did you are not paying attention, that is your own fault.
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Overall I would have to say I had a good experience at Line Mountain. I have met some of my best friends as well as met some amazing role models. I have gotten a quality education during my 13 years at Line Mountain. I would like to see Line Mountain shift their focus on the arts and music departments so they become better instead of Line Mountain just focusing on sports. I would also like to see Line Mountain become more diverse.
In my four year of highschool, I loved most of my classes because of the people In those classes. I learned to love certain teacher because they actually cared and wanted to prepare you for college.
The highschool was a small highschool which was nice because a student could really connect to the teacher and ask questions.
A small country school that cares more about athletics than academics. The school is one of the few schools in the area to offer Ag and Shop classes. The music and art classes are great but lack the funding from the school to give students the best opportunities.
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