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Lindsay Unified School District Reviews

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Lindsay Unified School Distric is Ann excellent district. I feel very comfortable where I am at right now and this district provides a lot of resources for their students. Something that I would like to change would be that there should be more diversity here.
My experience as a Lindsay Unified School District learner was very good. All of the schools that make up this school district are very good schools, especially Lindsay High School, which is the school I am attending. The district helps those students in need and ensures every single student is receiving the best education. The district provides us with laptops and home Wi-Fi to complete homework assignments at home. I believe this is what makes this school district great and one of the best in the valley. Overall I believe that Lindsay Unified School District is one of the best school districts that I have been involved in and will continue to be for more years to come.
The school is great it has so many opportunities here, but our education isn't about learning anymore it just all about passing.
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I like the Performance Based System; they meet learners at their current academic levels and differentiate instruction to meet the learners needs.
I personally did not love the school district but I did like it. I believe the school is in a very safe community and all of the teachers and administration are friendly and helpful. The school may not have a high level sports teams but we manage to have fun at all games. Lindsay's schools can change the way they have our schedules and the school lunches are not very healthy or good for students. The cafeteria sells overpriced foods that are not quite healthy for students to eat.
Have had no problems. Overall great. Unlike no other. Well organized and great. No changes needed. Easy to use
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