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Lindsay Public school for the most part is a great school, but if does need some changes as far as administration cause of the teacher shortage, some teachers teach things they aren't qualified for.
Lindsay School has some good teachers, great counselors and interesting people. Wish is could be more one to one and less cliques among peers but overall it was decent.
The school has very educated teachers that are willing to help students when they need it, but with very little books it is hard to take work home to finish, and the computers are very slow. Perhaps, raising money for new books and computers will help the students learn better.
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I love Lindsay schools. I love the size and how family oriented they are. We are also a BIG football town so Friday nights are spent in the football stands. We are all family in Lindsay Oklahoma!
The school is great when it comes to the teachers! I've learned a lot from not only in then class setting but they helped me with everything now threw at them with out a doubt they did everything in their power to help and I'm thankful for the ones that helped me. Itsman outstanding school.
Lindsay Public Schools have helped me grow not only as a student but as a better leader. The academics truly prepare you for you next step whether you attend college or immediately go into the workforce after high school. Our staff work very hard to improve our knowledge, the students can always find the teachers in their rooms durning the day to ask for extra help. Some changes that could be made around the school would be to allow more technology used in classrooms. This would help the students learn more about technology and improve their skills so when they use technology in their choice of workforce they are comfortable with it.
My experience at Lindsay Public Schools has been pretty great now that it's coming to an end. What I like a lot about the school would be the classes are all great and pretty small and I feel like most of the faculty get along well and know how to handle students. One thing I wish would change is the diversity in Lindsay Public Schools. We live in a small town so it's not really diverse. But the school can not really change the diversity of the school. My overall experience was pretty great for the most part.
I like that it is a small school so you know just about everyone that goes there. I wouldn't change much about the school. I wish there was a class that focused on life skills. For example, writing checks, balancing your checkbook, mastering job interviews, writing resumes, etc. I would like to see the counselors help more in the college and scholarship process. All in all, Lindsay is a great school!
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