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Lindenhurst Union Free School District Reviews

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School lunch is terrible stick to the vending machines. If youre addicted to juuling this is not the school for you, bathroom aids WILL bust you in the bathroom bro, saw too many brave kids getting caught :( Security is pretty bad you can walk to any door in the school and just walk in and no one will question you. Theyre trying to fix that issue with dog tags but we all know that isn´t going to solve anything.
Lindenhurst Union Free School District was very involved in the processes of making sure students are successful and able to graduate on time, and attend colleges. My one idea of a downfall would be the high school guidance counselors, who were often times misinformed, or just too busy to work with students who were confused about the college application processes.
Overall my experience at Lindenhurst was very good. The thing about Lindenhurst is that we are necessarily the nicest town by any means. We don't have the nicest houses, only in certain areas, however our school district catches the eye of many people. It's far from perfect however I truly love it. You will have teachers that will impact your life forever and make you into an educated adult. Although there are some negatives associated with Lindenhurst Schools, In my opinion the positives outweigh them by far.
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I love the plethora of clubs and extracurriculars the schools provide, there is so many ways to get involved both in the school and the community. However, in regards to safety is where we are slacking, our schools need a more safer entrance service.
I had wonderful 4 years at the high school. I had teachers who went above and beyond, but also I had teachers who didn't care much. I loved being on the swim team and I'm thankful for having caring coaches.
The atmosphere is really good and the teachers, especially the AP teachers, really get you college ready and help you with all of your needs.
We moved to this district in order to get out of the terrible Massapequa school district. The teachers and student body were a definite improvement. An unusually high number of the teachers live in the community and are very invested in what they do. I only had a couple of teachers that I genuinely thought shouldn't be teaching (whereas in Massapequa I felt that about half of my teachers). The student body is very diverse economically, but not as much diverse racially: it's mostly white (a lot of immigrants/1st gens from Poland and other Eastern European countries) with a good number of Spanish people as well but very few black folk or Asians. They offer a plethora of extracurricular activities but they aren't all funded very well. Facilities aren't that great, the HS in particular really needs some renovations. Although the classroom teachers are good, the overhead administration is sometimes a little inept. But overall we liked Lindenhurst a lot.
I am a third generation student @ Lindenhurst high school. I have received an education that has helped me be admitted to my top college in an accelerated degree program . My partners are both graduates of Lindenhurst high school and both are also college graduates.
Lindenhurst schools are very good. The teachers are very knowledgeable and really care about students. There are many sports and clubs the kids can be part of. Great place to raise a family!
I wish we were able to get more freedom in school, mainly lunch. We aren't allowed to go out of school for lunch and the teachers are strict about where we are at all times, which is for good safety reasons. They also took out the vending machines that had a variety of drinks so now all they sell is water. They could very much improve on the food as well. There is a large range of ethnicities in the school which is great. My school is even hosting foreign exchange students for the year. Teachers range on a scale from great to not so great.
School is unsafe. Poor teaching involvement. Increasing drug use in last few years. Had couple of cases students deaths cases due drug overdoses .
The educational experience gets better as the years go on. The high school is great with teachers who are always willing to help you. The schools are filled with activities and opportunities for students.
I love the involvement within out school and community. There is a club for everyone and no matter what happens within our community (Good or Bad) we are there for each other, that is one thing I would never change about Lindenhurst School District. When it comes to change with our school district, I would love to see more resources readily available to us, more tablet or Chromebooks used within the classroom; i know that the district has started in some classrooms with Chromebooks, but it would be great if they were available in all classrooms, where students could have an endless opportunities right at their fingertips.
Lindenhurst high school has some amazing teachers but other teachers just don't know how to teach. This school has many great electives to choose from as well. But the student population is a bit to much.
Most of teaching staff is very good however poorly performing teaches tend to be kept on staff.
The sports program is excellent as is the number of student activities and educational clubs which are run by by dedicated teacher. Elementary schools do well in preparing students for middle school. Once the student reaches the middle school the student seem to act out. Once they reach the high school level they become more studious.
I really enjoyed my experience! I utilized things like AP classes which has given me a lot of college credit and prepared me for college level courses. Also I was a part of different sports teams and clubs because the more involved you get the better the experience.
I would like to see the guidance department more engaged in helping students get into college. I would also like for the school to tailor towards students interests instead of sticking them in generic classes that everyone else takes. I enjoy how many different classes their are in my school. There is something for everyone.
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