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The aspect I like most regarding Linden Unified School District is the fact that it is very diverse for being such a small community, but what I dislike is the judgement that comes along with that diversity. Linden is a great community, but there are various standards and criteria that’s hard to live up to. I’m intrigued with the diversity amongst the community, but if you don’t fit “the look” of the community you’re constantly judged because of that.
The things I love about linden is the kindness. Linden is a small town so the whole feels like a whole family. The students at linden are probably one of nicest and welcoming group of people I ever met. When I was new too town they made me at home not like an outsider.
Linden Unified is made up of a close knit community. Here everyone knows everyone, making it an extremely welcoming place. On the downside, the community is so small that the academics are limited.
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Linden High School was a great experience for me. I got to learn more about new skills and value the people I have met here during my four years.
I have been in the Linden Unified School District all my life. I enjoy that it is a small community and we are able to connect well with the teachers. I am currently a senior at the Linden High School. I like the fact that there is always a cop on campus because it offers me safety. I take AP classes and I believe that the teacher are qualified to teach such material. Although, one thing that I would change about the school is that it does not offer many clubs and extracurricular activities. I wish their could be more clubs at the school so I may be involved more. I am currently involved in MECHA but I do with their were clubs. Overall, I believe that Linden High is a very good place to attend because of its small community and friendly staff. I would say that I will be proud to consider myself a 2018 graduate from Linden High School.
I like the sports operturnities and band program. Avid helps a lot with college information and options for the future. They offer success shop for those who are struggling with their grades. They offer college classes and have summer school classes availabile
What I like about linden is it is a very friendly place and a very caring. Teachers and counselor are very helpful when you are in need.
I would like to see more student and teacher involvement in academics and in bettering the programs currently available in the curriculum.
Linden Unified School District is such a welcoming community to be a part of. Since we are so small, the connections that are made in the town are crucial. The school district and community do everything they can to make sure everyone feels welcome and that they succeed. I would change would be the stigma around political issues and the polar opposite views in the schools, I would like to see a better mental health (eating disorders, depression, anxiety, etc..) implemented in my school, and I would like there to be more programs for LGBT+ students to feel more welcome.
Great schools, great teachers and staff. We're a family. They genuinely care about our kids. We raise them together.
The school district is very small, everyone knows each other! Teachers are amazing and always work one on one with students that need the help! And the Band program is Amazing and still could be better but the family I made there, well let's say I won't ever forget them:)
Linden Unified School District is decent compared to most other districts, the resources that the students receive are minimal and our books are out dated. However, there are many college readiness programs that stretch us to be better students. Our administration is great and the are always helpful.
Linden Unified School District is located in a small community and has little diversity. Teachers are involved and passionate about helping the students. The only thing I would change about Linden Unified, are the courses offered. There are not many college prep classes to choose from. Also, different clubs would also help the student life especially at the high school.
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