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Linden High School provides excellent academics, teaching staff and a sense of community. Teachers are always willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. I feel confident that I am fully prepared for college!
Great school and felt like I got a good education to prepare me for college. The teachers really cared about the students. There were several sports to chose from and several clubs were offered. The schools were very clean and security was great. There is a police officer who is in the high school all day during school hours.
It is a good school over all but soon it will be going down hill and when it does it will go fast. I have been going here since 7th grade and so far I have had a good time here
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Teachers are very helpful and friendly. Offers lots of electives and courses for a wide variety of people.
I've gone to linden schools all my life and there are definitely things I like and don't like. Some of the things I like is our English program. We really spend time on learning how to write a good essay or paper which I feel is important in college. We have a pretty accepting and amazing staff, I'm a transgender student and so far I've gotten nothing but friendliness and understanding with name and pronoun usage. Some things I don't like though is their art department is kind of lacking, and the movie rule that they just passed, which basically means we can't watch anything in class that isn't PG13 or under, and we need permission slip for it. It has screwed a lot of teachers over since they showed a lot of movies that went over these ratings, but fit their curriculum, and they can no longer show news clips, plays or anything that just in general doesn't have a rating. I feel like it was a ridiculous thing to do because one parent complained about a clip shown.
I personally enjoyed my time at Linden Community Schools. I have gone to Linden ever since I was in kindergarten. I believe that I have been prepared for college by going to Linden. I always felt prepared to move onto the next grade. The teachers were always nice to me and willing to help me when I was struggling. They helped me academically and personally. I would always recommend Linden to others. There was low diversity, but it seems to get better. I do believe that the school should put more funds towards the Band program. I was involved with the Marching Band and the Winter Guard and we often faced struggles with money. With the skills we had, we were unable to truly compete with other bands that received more money.
I enjoyed Linden community schools because they prepare you very well for what is to come in life after high school, especially for what will be expected from you in college. There is very little diversity in the school system and I find that was one of the very few negatives. The community is great and extremely supportive. I enjoyed my time there very much and would highly recommend it!
The teachers at Linden are very helpful, they love to see students succeed. The community is small and the student and parent envolvment is strong.
The only thing I would change is an upgrade in books.
Loved going to Linden! It gave me the tools I needed to be successful in college and now in Grad School and my job.
Linden community schools has great academics. I've heard that linden has one of the best academic programs in all of Genessee County. One thing I'd like to see change is the lunches. Although they are not horrible, they probably aren't the healthiest. I think the lunch menu could improve. We did just get a new salad bar that looks fresh. The teachers are great and definitely willing to help a student when needed. There is also an after school study session three times a week with teachers willing to help out. Overall, Linden is a great school to attend.
The writing program is phenomenal, and we got new bleachers a couple years ago! Mr Koledo as the Superintendent is a very smart move, he is a staple of the School District and much loved. I always brought lunch from home. The new middle school is wonderful but the rest of the district buildings could use work.
I've gone here my whole life and we have incredible people as our teachers and staff. School events are pretty fun.
What I liked about Linden Community schools is that its a great school system. Linden is not very big but the community is. I have been going to linden schools since preschool and never had a problem with the schools.
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