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Many students, like me, attend to linden public schools, but after my experience of being with them since kindergarten, as you grow within this community you learn a lot. One of the many things that I have learned from being an African American is that just because there is diversity around me doesn’t mean that their isn’t any racistism either. Many of the teachers pick on you because your race and culture. I am an honors students, and I strive to do my best, and I come across situations where teacher and students question my race because I am in honors. They expected me to be in the mentally challenged classes. The honors class that I am currently in only consists of one other African-american and we are challenged the most. For example, on test, we can have the same exact answer as someone else yet we still got the question wrong.
The Linden City Board of Education has excellent academics but the thing is that students aren't learning about cultural backgrounds. For example, the schools touch upon African American and slavery, but there is more to that than just slavery there is more to the story and maybe students there would know that if there were African American studies.
I grew up in Linden and made many friends throughout the schools I’ve been at in Linden. One of my best teachers who I can say I have learned a lot from is my English teacher, Ms. Walker. With Ms. Walker being my teacher I honestly feel she is the only teacher who has helped me get ready for college and essays that I will have to write.
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Teachers are super cool, some of them actually love their job and their students. Guidance office is a really cool place, they actually listen to you and help you with every step.
Too many fights to be honest, and no respect from students toward teachers.
Linden Public Schools is a very diverse and hardworking district, especially the Board of Education, that always wants their students to achieve their potential
There is a chance for any student to excel in their studies through the linden city board of education district
Great schools, are always being worked on and improved. A great Board of Education is one that accepts new changes and improves upon them. Within the recent few years such things as school based improvements, new technological additions and many more things have been added.
I liked that Linden is full of diversity. Amongst high schools, Linden High School was ranked as one of the most diverse in New Jersey. As an African American female, that is very important to me. I met people from different backgrounds and learned so much from them.
Linden High School is very diverse and they bring out every culture. One positive experience is the musicals. Linden High school has very good and educational musicals. One bad experience in the school is that because the school is so diverse there is a lot of unnecessary student drama. The student has a racial problem with me and we began to argue and the school took care of the situation very professionally.
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