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Lindbergh Schools School District Reviews

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Their sports teams are top notch and always filled with spirit! The school is kept to an excellent cleanliness standard, and the students make sure to show their pride for the world by recycling. The teachers are very enthusiastic to share their knowledge of education with the students, and always have each student's best interest in mind.
Lindbergh schools is a competitive, academic based school. The system of honors classes creates a high-achieving environment, and keeps kids trying their best. The downside of the honors system here is the separation of honors kids and regular kids, creating a rift in the community.
Lindbergh cared more about the academic testing more than they cared about student. The learning environment was good, as well as the quality of the courses. I do, however, wish they had more diverse classes available for everyone. The counseling services should be more open and available to students who need them. Overall, the school was good, but there are pros and cons, just like with anything.
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All my teachers where in my corner and always ready to help. It is very much a family environment. There was no option to fail at Lindbergh there was so many avenues for help. I enjoyed my time getting involved in as many clubs/ activities that where available.
I have been going to Lindbergh my entire high school career, and I like it. Older buildings maybe need to be redone, but all in all its a good school!
Academic Structure and Learning

Overall, academic stability decent; although many students struggled to retain the information taught due to the non-interactivity of the classroom activities.

School Culture & Tradition

The history of the school is based on the famous pilot Howard Hughs.

Amenities | Highlights

Good cafeteria systems, distribution, and food centers. Security is lacking most of the time. Doors are always unlocked and unsecured.

Course Materials & Teachers

Above all else, the teachers were this institution's most valuable asset. They cared for their students (the majority of them did) and truly cared if we understood what was being taught and could apply it in principal and practice.
Lindbergh is a school that values academics AND a well-rounded students. The classes are rigorous, and the extra-curriculars and sports are great programs.
Do you want to waste your time for 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Do you want to have the worst teachers on Earth, past, present, and future? Then come to LINDBERGH. I have been here since 5th grade and NEVER been taught something that I (or ANYONE) will ever use in the real world.
The teachers are mostly TERRIBLE. One, a history teacher who I won't name, literally half the class failed the final exam because he didn't teach the exam, he taught what he felt like. NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT HE HAD TO TEACH. The teachers think that their class is useful when 99.9% of them aren't.
The classes themselves are also a massive waste of everyone's time and effort. Teaching you nothing of importance, horrible teachers, and most teachers using the book to teach and just sitting around on their phone while you waste your time.
Food in the cafe is also terrible.
The only reason that it gets a 1 is because I can't give it any lower.
Lindbergh was a good school, it is easy to find help if you need it. I would like to see the safety increase as the campus is not too secured.
Overall I had a decent time a Lindbergh schools. I was in the district since I was in kindergarten all the way to high school, and I think they could improve on student involvement.
I loved going there! They have the most amazing teachers, best performing arts programs, and great sports teams.
The school was ok. While going there I never heard about sports you can play there. One thing I did mostly like was the music class where you mostly sang 60’s and 70’s songs. The bus service was horrible. I felt like the bus driver never cared do the students.
Lindbergh has its ups and downs. First of all, the teacher’s here make the environment of the school very welcoming. I wish that Lindbergh could have better music options for musicians.
Lindbergh schools has provided me with a good learning environment with even better teachers. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 12 years in the school district. The teachers have encouraged me to further my education and create goals to achieve in my future. Without them I would not be where I am today. Even though the school is large, the student body comes together for school events to create a fun environment for sporting and spirit events. There has never been a time where I have felt out of place in the Lindbergh School District, they are focused on character education which helps students grow and these traits learned in the elementary school follow student to the high school.
The school is ok. The administration is more money focused and the students annoy me. Sometimes we get roach infestations tho, but we have a lot of money so that's cool.
Very personable and caring towards individual students! Teachers know what they're talking about and care about their students. Many clubs to join and fit individual needs.
The Lindbergh School district is in desperate need of change, the district refuses to pay the correct amount of money to teachers and instead denies they have the funds to give teachers a raise however they have enough money to build a new administrative building. Lindbergh's lack of diversity is never going to change. However Lindbergh does offer great academics for they're students and give us opportunity to quality education.
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This school has a wide range of classes which can give high schoolers a head start in college if they work hard enough.
Lindbergh is a fantastic school district. I went there from early childhood education all the way through high school and could not have been happier with my experience.
I love Lindbergh for many reasons. No matter your interests, there is something for you. The school spirit here also makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. Everyone supports and loves Lindbergh, even if we are losing a game. Finally, Lindbergh offers amazing academics. Students can start taking AP classes junior year. Also friends of mine that have graduated always praise Lindbergh for preparing them for college. Knowing that I am getting the preparation I need now, makes me less nervous for my college education.
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