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The district has a wonderful group of educators and students. Yet, the board of the district is quite old fashion and refuses to expand in a more modern way. For example, the dress code for both males and females is unnecessarily restricting and results in the limitation of individual creativity. As well as being a student here recently, I have discovered the male administrators to have particular favorites and come off particularly perverse in their dress code procedures. Therefore, I would highly recommend Lindale as a wonderful town to live ,but suggest attending Van for and education need. Van is an open-district and offers many more advancement opportunities in education and creative freedoms.
If you want quality education and a supportive administration, Lindale ISD will meet the need of you and your child. The education is high quality and the after school activities are well-organized. There are many outlets for students to choose from and many wonderful programs to get involved with.
My overall experience at LHS was interesting, but I felt it could’ve been a lot better if they wasn’t so strict about different rules that wasn’t really important than others. I learned and gained a lot of knowledge and some of the teachers left a positive impact in my life.
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My daughter attended Lindale ISD from Kindergarten through High School. The academics are wonderful, the teachers were wonderful (minus 1 or 2), parents are encouraged to participate and welcomed, sports are adequate, the overall experience was great.
Been in Lindale High School for only 1 school year but this is the best high school I’ve been too! Grear teachers, Great Student, and Great Environment! No trouble adjusting at all.
Lindale High School is one of the best academically schools in East Texas. A very safe environment, although they has strict dress codes. Most teachers were very helpful and friendly. LHS has lots of clubs and organizations to get involved in.
Lindale is a great school with wonderful teacher and administrator support. It is especially a good fit for motivated and academically strong students. It could do a better job of helping students, like my brother, who are not as strong academically.
I enjoyed the sports even though we weren’t the best team on the field [football] we gave it our all and fought every play.
So far, I'm on Christmas break. This year, I started high school. Being a freshman is stressful because you're moving to a big, new school. It didn't help that I watched many movies about high school over the summer. I feared bullies would make fun of me because I was Asian, I was scared upperclassmen would treat me like trash, and I was nervous about juggling the workload. Now that I've experienced one semester of high school, it isn't that bad. A bully hasn't taken my lunch money yet, which is a plus. The upperclassmen ignore me and the workload is a lot. Thankfully, I've learned how to handle the work. The teachers are amazing, but I feel like all of them aren't that close to their students.
I like Lindale because the curriculum is challenging, and the teachers are helpful, and the students are respectful and friendly.
Lindale Independent School district is an amazing school. There have never been more caring and professional adults teaching students about education and studies they need to improve their curriculum in life.
I would Like to see more diversity there. Other than that, overall, lindale is a great school when focusing on academics
LISD, my attended school throughout my high school career, was a well structured institution. The main faults as I saw were teachers that were less motivated than some of the students. The primary dysfunction being sports coaches teaching subjects like physics, for example, and just not putting their best potential effort forward because their duties are split between teaching and coaching. It would not be an overstep to say some of them would have rather given test answers away just so they would not have to put in more work teaching than they had to.
Since starting high school only 2 years ago, I have experienced many things at Lindale High School. Some of those things are good, and some things are not so good.
The teachers and amazing here at Lindale High school, but the football team not so much. The academic scores are sky high, but the school lunches are ground low.
There are many good things about Lindale. There are also many bad, but I can tell you that Lindale
High School is the best school around.
Lindale TX has really great schools and teachers that care. The superintendent is really involved in the growth of the town and the schools to manage all of the students. We moved to Lindale on the great recommendations that the school had been given. I was able to take college courses in my Junior and Senior year which gave me a great head start in moving on to college.
I like the teachers,staff, and students. The school system and academics are wonderful! I would like to see more real life skill classes. I also like the interaction between students and teachers
My freshman year teachers were a lot more lax about phones and other privileges, but since I have gotten older, the rules have gotten stricter and have not been getting us ready for college. The rules about strict dress code and phone policies do not get us ready for most colleges rules. Also, it would be nice to have classes learning real-life situations, like paying bills and balancing checkbooks.
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I attended Lindale Independent School district for K-12 and I definitely recommend parents to send their children there. They have an excellent staff at every school, and excell in every area. 10/10
My school is small and so we know everyone, I like it that way. I would like to see more diversity, we mainly just have Caucasian baptist people, but I would love for Lindale to become more diverse so that we could experience many more cultures.
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