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Lincoln Way Community High School District No. 210 Reviews

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The Lincoln-Way High School district is impeccably average. The best thing about this district academically is the English department. Although I am not a fan of English myself, the district pushes the same format for essays throughout all four years of your experience, and I believe it has really helped me hone in on my writing skills and have a competitive edge over other applicants from other districts regarding college acceptance. The major downside of Lincoln-Way is their intense favoritism, by means of staff and students, most specifically with those involved in sports. Basically, if you don’t play a sport at these schools, you are kind of left in the dust. Also, the closing of one school in the district fell during my freshman year there, so just as I got used to high school, the boundaries got all reworked and I had to switch schools going into my sophomore year.
Now I am a Senior, but I transferred to the Lincoln Way Community High School District as a Sophomore in 2016. The transition was scary because I was coming from a private Christian school in Lansing, Illinois. The largest amount of students was about 500, so anyone can imagine my fear of attending a large school with about 3,000 students. Lincoln Way East had amazing communication, encouragement, guidance, and organization. This made the transition much easier. The clubs and activities are so diverse, and more is being added every year. The resources and possibilities at Lincoln Way East are limitless. The only things that I would like to change are the food and the prices. I believe that there should be more healthy options, and lower prices. Eating healthy is not easy here, and there are almost no vegan options. Yes, there is always the option of bringing your own lunch, but it is more timely and efficient to have healthier options available at the school.
Lincoln-Way West has done a great job of getting its students ready to attend college. The students have the best school spirit.
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I feel that lincolnway prepares students for college all four years. There sports are average and there district is based off student athlete which means student comes first. I think they should improve with the diversity of the school and treat all students equally. I feel as an African American student I was not giving the same opportunities every single time. Another con I would say is the counselors should be more involved with helping students fill out scholarships throughout the year.
I would like them to be more understanding of mental illnesses and more aware! I will say mrs Babcock the counciler was there with me through the whole thing and I loved mr harrah and mr Johnson I do wish they were more involved
I am proud to say I am a Lincoln way graduate/ alumni. Everyone does their best job to make others feel included. The district held community events and acknowledged struggles that students faced and brought it to attention that those students are not alone. We went out of our way to make parents, teachers and friends proud and I believe we wouldn’t have done it without Lincoln way.
I graduated from Lincoln-Way West high school the year after North was closed and I feel like the administration handled it all very well.
I went to Lincoln-Way North my freshman year however they decided to close a school and picked the brand new one since they didn't want to lose their original school. That being central which has mold and plenty of of repairs that need to be done. Also the integrity of the schools besides north and west are deteriorating and not kept up. On the bright side of things the teachers I have had were passionate and cared for our education; especially the teachers I had this year with pre-calc and spanish 4.
I liked how good the academic system is at the school because it helped me get an education. I also like how nice the teachers are with helping students out if they needed some help with what was being taught. The school is very safe and I trust the district in what they are doing on police and transportation.
Great facilities, engaged teachers. No matter where you fall in the spectrum the resources are there to help you. School spirit is great even after the split and merge of 4 schools into 3.
Everyone is so nice and caring! Everyone tries to help everyone and is a team effort in the classroom and out of the classroom. It needs renovation but overall it is a beautiful school and a lot of room to have hundreds of students
I love the student body and the support system of teachers. Our principal has the best school spirit and shows his love and support for the students all the time. LWC has been my home for the last four years and I would not have traded it for the world.
The Lincoln-Way School District has shaped me into the person I am today through the involvement of the teachers in my life along with the friends I have made. I have learned how to respect others as well as communicate effectively at Lincoln-Way. This district is so special because it is so accepting of others and well as full of school spirit.
There are a decent number of opportunities available, but the school focuses too much on sports and not enough on academics and extracurriculars.
I enjoyed the teachers, and the experiences I encountered. I also enjoy the sporting activities, and the four years of wrestling
My experience at Lincoln-Way East was very different, but it has taught me how to deal with other people that aren't used to being around different cultures and backgrounds of others. They had many clubs for everyone and their beliefs. I am happy that I got a chance to go to this school because they have prepared me for the real world.
Lincoln-Way has been nothing but a dream come true in more ways than I can count. I could not ask for better teachers and staff who have always done their best to help me succeed and go far in life. Through Lincoln-Way, I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, many of whom have become very close friends of mine. Lincoln-Way treats its kids with respect and treats them as their own, with no discrimination. It has awesome programs that help special needs kids learn in ways that are suited to their needs, while still feeling included by their classmates. I have been a student of both Central and West, and absolutely love them both. They don't feel like a school, so much as they do a home. Lincoln-Way is family.
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Lincoln-Way offers a lot of variety of classes and the majority of teachers care about student success.
The Lincoln-Way District has went above and beyond to lead its students on the path of success. The district has provided a sense of safeness and security. The facilities available to the student body are adequate.
Attending high school at Lincoln-Way was a great experience, but it was the faculty and students that made my high school experience what it was. The teachers and students were mostly there to help others out. There was also a wide variety of electives and classes to take. Most of the material and ways the district was set up was an effective way to prepare students for college. If I could change one thing to change, I think teachers should do less hand holding to prepare students for college a little better.
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