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The teachers are always in their classrooms extra hours. They'll stay in at lunch and after school just to help their students with the curriculum. A lot of teachers have classes that are considered a safe place. There door is open to anyone and everyone and any bullying with in those walls is not tolerated.
Something I would like to see change is the school spirit at Lincoln. At Lincoln rarely anyone ever goes to any games to show spirit. There is also during homecoming week where almost no one dresses up.
It is a great school. It has many opportunities and great teachers. And the best thing is that San Diego State has partnered with Lincoln
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I loved high school, especially going to Lincoln High. It was so close to home and it's a great community. I still go back about once or twice every year to visit an old teacher who inspired my career today!
I like Lincoln Unified School District because their teachers are really committed to excellence. I also find that the teachers are very caring and passionate about their jobs. Being a senior, I have felt very inspired by many of my teachers, especially those in the Italian department for they really apply much of their teaching to the real world.
well established high school great school curriculum
excellent teachers and staff iam glad I had the privilege to attend there
My time at Lincoln Unified School District has been bittersweet. My elementary school experience was not the best as teachers didn't care for students as much as at other schools in the district. My brother went through the same elementary school and has an IEP. The resource teacher as well as his other teachers didn't know how to help him improve his grades. We both attended the same middle school and my experience there was terrific. I got used to what high school might be like, while making friends from all over the district. High school has been rough. I've gotten stuck with teachers who enjoy seeing their students squirm and I've also had teachers who want the best for all of their students. I definitely think there is room for improvement in the elementary schools and the high school. Teachers just don't care and have no interest in teaching kids. It seems like every year I get at least one teacher who tears people down and enjoys it. This is my main concern.
I enjoy attending Lincoln High School. I have had amazing teachers who are always willing to help their students. There is a wide variety of clubs and sports that anyone can be involved in.
I loved the environment of Lincoln High, but I wish the school was more involved with what seniors were doing after high school. Many of my friends in other districts would tell me how their teachers showed them where to sign up for scholarships and things of that sort, but unfortunately Lincoln never did any of that.
Lincoln High School is the only high school in LUSD and I think that made a difference in how the school was in comparison to other high schools.
My overall experience with the school district was okay. I started at Lincoln my freshman year of high school, as a transfer from Stockton Unified. The biggest difference I saw between the districts was a lack of diversity. Stockton Unified schools seemed to have several different kinds of people and everyone seems to fit in with one another. However, from the moment I stepped on campus at Lincoln, I felt there was a divide between the various races and a sense of who was more popular, what car you drove, who was wealthy or who was more well off. This feeling didn't stop me from making friends or being involved in campus clubs or activities, it was just something that you felt and leaned to deal with.
I enjoy the different types of activities that lincoln unified provide for the student, and I enjoy being able to go to science camp as a 6th grade and then as a junior and senior as a counselor. They could work on getting more fundraiser ideas so that way students don't have to pay so much out of pocket.
I think Lincoln Unified School district is a very good district. I just think that they should have a better music program (especially for Choir). I also think they should teach Photoshop and web design for Tumblr classes. I also think there should be more classes specific to majors like education and law. Also I think the district needs better counselors. Overall this district is a good one.
My experience with Lincoln Unified School District has been great so far. I am currently a senior in high school and this will be my second year attending Lincoln High School which is part of the Lincoln Unified School District. What I can say is that the school district cares for their students and wants to help them achieve there goals and give them the best education possible.
All of the staff is friendly and helpful. When you need help with an assignment or just need a friend to talk to, the people are there for you. Even though it is only a school district, it seems to be more like as small family.
I liked the sports program, they were very supportive. I would like to change the way some faculty treat other students.
it was a good experience i been in lincoln district from kindergarten up to 12th grade. the environment is good. some people say they feel more say. the teaching is also great. it is a good district.
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Excellent administrative staff that genuinely cares about the well-being of their students. This is best exemplified by Superintendent Uslan, who led innovative and much needed projects like the initiative to go one to one with devices and students on campus so that they learn early on how to use technology necessary to be professionally successful in the modern world as well as legislation that made Lincoln Unified the first "sanctuary district" in its area so that students with undocumented family members did not have to fear losing their family members to ICE raids if they decided to pursue an education. While school spirit may lack at times, the student government works hard to put on fun events for the student body and I can genuinely say that everyone involved in campus leadership is doing their best to make school as enjoyable as possible.
I like the activities in school and most of the teachers. The staff are mostly generous and great people ! I'd like to see change in the opportunities the schools give for advancing in academics and save students time from classes unnecessary for them to take.
I like the diversity of the students and teachers and how there are never any people who are left alone. The acceptance of individuals is amazing as well. There is hardly any bullying or discrimination towards those of a certain gender, race, or nationality.
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