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Lincoln School District involves everyone. We care about every student, and the environment we learn in is great.
I only had a relatively good experience because I was a good student. I enjoyed learning and always did my work. I never got into any trouble and my family is respected in the community.
I have been at Lincoln high school for 2 years and it has been the best experience of my life here. I came from a small town school in Oklahoma my junior year. I am 19 years old about to graduate May 24th this year and I'm excited. Lincoln makes me feel apart of them even though I haven't been here that long. I love being a wolf because here I have truly shined in so many things. I thank all of my teachers, my family, my girlfriend, and my closest friends without them I could of not been able to make it through junior year
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Close community and concerned teachers that are willing to help with all of your studies, they host a large number of clubs form future farmers of America to anime club. They have amazing caring teachers working in a community where everyone knows everyone. Over time at this school you get to know every one of your classmates for better or worse.
it's a very small school on a very small town. everyone's grandparents grew up together, most teachers are nice not a lot of classes to take from not a lot of opportunities. Really it's your average Backwater School.
I love Lincoln Schools. I grew up here and it's such a family-oriented environment. You just feel like you're at home going to school here. There hasn't really ever been a teacher that I've had a negative experience with. This high school offers great prep for college and they even offer college courses for their Seniors and Juniors for FREE. I don't know where I'd be without this school.
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