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My high school career may b coming to an end, but that memories will never be forgotten. Lincoln high school has its ups and downs just like other schools around the country but something that stands it apart is the faculty who are always ready to assist you with anything you need as well as when you need someone to talk to. Also Lincoln high is in a very bad shape, building wise. Something i would like to see changed after is graduate is too see Central Air get installed through out the school as it gets extremely hot inside over the course of the spring and summer months.
In recent years, this District has only become a symbol of partisan party politics. For a town which puts so much into our school system, you’d expect higher scores academically, better steps for college readiness, and a guidance counselor program that actually makes an effort to meet the student like virtually all other modern schools, not vice-versa. As a former student who transferred out because of the fact that it would limit my opportunities, I still recognize that Lincoln has good facilities. It’s time to stop the union politics and get to work on making the students life better, not the teachers.
Being in the Lincoln Public School system was a great experience. I met my best friends through school, and I was able to play every sport I wanted to with no discrimination. Overall, being at Lincoln Public School was enlightening since I learned a lot and was able to grow up in a positive environment school vise.
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I loved attending Lincoln public schools. Teachers want you to succeed. All of them are happy to help students. All staff is so nice to students and make the time for them after school if they need extra help.
I have gone through grades one through twelve in the Lincoln School District so it has played a large role in the person I am today. I was fortunate enough to never have to worry for my safety at school thanks to the precautions taken by all staff and administration. All classes are pretty much available as well, in multiple levels of difficulty. Lincoln schools makes sure to cater to your specific health and educational needs as well. Overall, the school system is highly organized.
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