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Amazing teachers, people who care about my children. Great learning opportunities that make them better people in general as they grow and develop. Good school atmospheres, that are welcoming to every child no matter what they are like, their race, sexual orientation, and other aspects of who they are as a person are respected and cared about.
Lincoln public schools is very good at keeping their students safe, and making sure that everyone is respected and that everything goes smoothly. the teachers help kids get through their day and are always there to help.
I have had a wonderful experience in this school district they handle buissness well. I wouldn't want to go to a different school or be part of a different school district.
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I like the block scheduling that is offered at Lincoln Southwest. I would like to see a change in the daily school hours.
I loved the diversity of Lincoln high school and that everyone can fit in somewhere. Tons of different classes to take and the teachers are always helpful and want to see you successed.
Students get a great education with teachers who really care about the students. The teachers help make students successful.
I love LPS but I think there are still a lot of things that could be improved upon. For the most part the teachers are exceptional however it is very hit or miss (the teachers that are not as good, are often terrible).
I like how Lincoln Public schools are focused on preparing students for higher education, weather it be going to a university, trade school, etc. Not only that but they also make it possible for students with learning disabilities to catch up and be prepared for higher education and opportunities.
I liked the friendliness of a lot of the teachers, and how well prepared I feel for future endeavors in life.
Lincoln Public Schools has the tools any kid needs to succeed. Although it is big there's always someone willing to help.
Lincoln Public Schools is overall a good school. The staff in the schools that I have attended throughout my education have all been caring people. However I do find that some of the school system's standards are lacking. For example, political views are very biased and students are -instead of being taught the unbiased differences between political parties and views- taught what to believe. To some extent I believe that this is okay, when it comes to teaching students to tolerate one another and showing acceptance to others no matter who they are or where they came from. However, I don't find it just when a teacher is able to tell a student that they are wrong for believing a certain thing. Another example of bias would be allowing racial bias to be used. This teaches that races are indeed different but does not teach equality and I find that to be wrong and unfair. I do love the diversity I have seen in Lincoln Public Schools but the bias just isn't right.
I think LPS has made lots of remarkable changes throughout the years and they're very pleasing. For instance, they have begun to provide students with technology that assists in furthering their education and preparing them for the inevitable future with technology. LPS has great staffs at each school I've attended that care for their students and do the best they can to provide them with the best education possible.
Teachers are Committed to students. Great program to build writing skills from elementary to high school.
I absolutely love my school! It has an amazing theatre program and all of its activities support their students in their endeavors. My school and the people involved have really shaped life in a truly endearing way!
I've been a part of Lincoln Public Schools my entire life. I've loved the small town feel in a bigger city and overall, my experience has been great . I have had a handful of life changing teachers, learned more than I comprehend and made life long friends. I found my passion for theater and music within my high schools walls. I screamed my lungs out at football games and homecoming dances. I've done my fair share of complaining about gross bathrooms and cafeteria food... but overall, I know Lincoln Public Schools has benefited me.
Lincoln Public Schools has an amazing staff, curriculum, and drive for students' success. Lincoln North Star has the best teachers who motivate me to strive for higher education and go above and beyond to help me achieve that goal.
I would like updated Bathrooms please! Also more of a crackdown on the drug use, even though there really isn't that much.
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Lincoln Public Schools performs well in comparison to other schools across the state of Nebraska. There are graduation requirements that ensure any student moving on to their undergrad meets the college/university's entrance requirements. However, that being said, the school district doesn't prepare students adequately for Advanced Placement exams and doesn't offer as many as they should. New teacher are often teaching Advanced Placement classes with little to no preparation on how to help their students succeed. The teachers, more often than not, do care about the students, even if they don't always meet their needs.
Overall it was an average school experience. It is obvious, however, that the budget for sports outweighs any other subject. Many of the arts don’t get enough chairs to hold their students, while football players get new uniforms what seems like every year. I would like to see more of the budget put into classrooms and supplies for teachers and students that can’t afford them.
A lot of teachers didn't know what they were talking about and didn't prepare the students for the outside world.
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