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The things I like about the school is that there are so many resources there to help you. Also all the interactive classes where you get to do hands on work. The things I would like to see change are more security, and more parent involvement.
It was a fun time and I learned a lot about myself and others. There's so much to be do and so much to see, you will be there for 4 years so you have to make the most of it.
I loved attending Lincoln Park High. Those were some of the best days. I believe my teachers and admin helped me prepare for the next steps in life!
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Love my school and I’m proud of where I grew up, yet this experience could be better with a better curriculum to prepare the students properly for college life.
Lincoln Park always seems to come together as a family. Last year, we lost one of our athletes. Our entire school came together and made sure the family, and the students who were close were okay. Seeing that was absolutely amazing, and that will always be how I remember Lincoln Park High School. We are one big Railsplitter family.
I love Lincoln Park High! I have been going there since 9th grade. I got to know al the teachers very well. They help you whenever you need it, not only with work or homework but with issues that need to be resolved. The administrators at our school are FANTASTIC. Last but definitely not least but out intervention staff is amazing. They not only seem to end up feeling like family but they treat you as family! The students all treat each other with respect!
Greatest 4 years of my life. Then only thing that needs to change are the kids going there! They don't take up the opportunities that are presented by the staff and administration. I graduated top 5 because I too advantage of every opportunity they gave me. Only thing I recommend is getting more activities so kids can be even more involved.
As a recent graduate I can say I had a positive experience here, but not without its downsides.

There is an enormous amount of school spirit here. The majority of students would say they are proud to be railsplitters and would always stick up for LP.
Overall, the teachers here care about the students and try to their best to help students pass.

While most of the teachers care about the students and are great, there are limited academic opportunities here. Lincoln Park was a severely under performing school for so many years the curriculum here is catered towards helping kids pass instead of giving opportunists for motivated students to get ahead.

There are a large amount of sports at Lincoln Park , but most funding and attention is given to larger sports like football, basketball and track. This makes it harder for smaller sports and to grow and attract members and deters people from joining other after school clubs due to lesser funding.
I like the teachers there. I like how they keep the school grounds so clean. I wish the school got better books. I love the diversity. I also love the JROTC program
Lincoln Park high school is a good school with great teachers that generally care about your future, its mostly the students you would have a problem with but what high school isn't like this
This school doesn't prepare you for life after high school. I do not feel prepared for college and it scares me. I don't think teachers and administration are taking action and trying to do anything to help their students. They aren't preparing us for what we need to be prepared for. Very diverse here which is good but the education isn't that great.
Lincoln Park is a fantastic place to go to school. I've been in the district since kindergarten. One thing I'd like to see would be some updates done to the high school.
Terrible place. Discriminating people. Extreme disciplinary problems. Very low academics with poor performance. All around waste for college bound people.
My experience has been amazing. I thank the school board has done a good job changing things to the better. Thank uou
Over all I had a pretty good experience at Lincoln park. We have pretty good lunchs and they give free and reduced lunch to those who can't afford it. They don't really have a problem with bullying or anything like that and they put pretty good trust in their students making a nice relaxed feel throughout the school.
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