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I enjoyed most of the people I met here. I met some of my best friends here before high school here we are split into 4 different middle schools and with that being the case I would not have met my closest friends. The Facilities are new and the school stays clean they need to get new technology in the school its kind of out dated and needs to be upgraded and we need our own football field
I would like to see better safety measures taken. Also I would like to see some thought put into the the discipline, some measurements being acted on are unreasonable.
I have found that Lincoln County Schools have many good and bad qualities. The acedemics remain average in most departments. Some teachers are excellent while others are just there.
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Lincoln County Schools is where i grew up. This is the place that has prepared me all of these years to go to college. Lincoln County schools has so many opportunities in the classroom and on the sports side. Being an Alumni of this school district I want to take time to share how much the staff truly care about your education.
My experience at Lincoln County High School was a truly great one. It’s obvious a majority of the staff care deeply about their students and their pursuit of knowledge. The principal staff were kind but stern which is exactly what someone should want out of their superiors.
In my experience of being a resident of Lincoln County, the school system has its pros and cons. The pros are the teachers are always very nice and understanding. They help you with work or anything you may need help on. I enjoy going to Lincoln County High School. But, it also has its cons. I feel as if the students at the high school have very long hours. Our typical school day starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:28. Other than being there all day, I do not feel that my school is a bad place. I have enjoyed my three full years of high school and I am enjoying my final year there as well.
At Lincoln County high school the teachers and faculty members make you feel welcome and safe. The teachers try their best to prepare the students for college and give a good education. There are many opportunities where students have a chance to be a part of the school and participate in school activities. Yes, Lincoln County high school has its faults but that doesn't make it a bad school. The faults are simple things like no soap in the bathrooms and crowded hallways. I love my school and I'm proud to call myself a Lincoln County Panther!
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