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Lincoln County Schools has taught me how to be independent and make my own decisions about my future and to be confident in them.
The teachers were pretty good and I felt like there could be a few you could remember for down the road. The recreational aspect was also good and students had opportunities to get involved as well as the parents at times. Depending on each student, I'd have to say I was prepared for the next level after graduating.
I feel as if the school could be a bit more attentive in helping ALL kids prepare for college.

In the past, different sports receive different attention.
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Lincoln county schools did not treat students as such, when tragedy happened it happened to the entire county. We were like a huge community wide family. We embrace each other when anything happens, not only that but teachers knew when to be teachers and when to be a friend.
I would definitely like to see more advanced technology class opportunities added to the curriculum in Lincoln County schools.
I liked quite a few of my teachers, typically my AP course teachers because they were passionate and interested in their topic. Many of my teachers however, I felt were less qualified to be teaching their area or field. I think the experience with Lincoln County depends on the school you attend. For example, Pumpkin Center, and North Lincoln High School are pretty good from my experience but I cannot accurately offer my opinion to other schools.
Cleanliness, teachers helping more to get students ready for exams. Better choices in food. More resources for exams and a less stress free environment.
Lincolnton High School has helped me with many things and presented many opportunities in leadership and knowledge. With a wonderful faculty and staff I am very grateful for being able to become a better person because of my school.
Small classroom size and majority of teachers give you individual attention as needed. Great Band that I participated in for three years that won many grand championship awards and NC role of honor at WCU competition. State championship football program.
In my opinion through my time in the lincoln county school system its a great county full of oppertunity and greatness teachers that work through lincoln county schools are all well certified and know how to help you reacho your highest inside potential and let it for the whole world to see they help you go places you never thought where possible for you well turns out now with thie help of lincoln county school systems certified teachers anythings possible for you.
Great place to push yourself. It feels like there is a direct correlation between effort and reward which some schools lack.
The schools in the Lincoln County school district are great because everything else in the area isn't.
Lincoln county schools are overall okay, but don't do much to prepare students for college. Some teachers are better than others.
Being a part of Lincoln County has truly benefitted me. I went to East Lincoln High School and they taught me so much that helped me with college life. While playing sports in high school, playing other schools in Lincoln County was great. Every school has something unique to offer its students. I would like to see some budgeting improvements. The schools barely had money to do anything extraordinary for the students education.
Attending schools in the Lincoln County School was a good experience. I had great teachers who helped me be successful academically throughout the years.
My son started at Rock Springs Elementary School in 5th grade after we moved here. Great school with great teachers. Then my son went to North Lincoln Middle School and now he is in North Lincoln High School. All great schools. No problems with any of these schools. Great teachers and great education. North Lincoln Middle and High School have a great band program.
I've been apart of Lincoln county schools all my life. Lincolnton high school itself has given me a great high school experience. I love it
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I think Lincoln County Schools are great, and I have received a quality education through the Lincoln County Schools system.
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