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I like the options for electives and AP classes. However, most of the course work in the classes was not as challenging as it should have been
I've had an incredible experience at Lincoln County High School. I've had many opportunities to get involved with so many beneficial clubs and organizations that have impacted my life immensely. The teachers and staff have excelled at making sure all of their students are educated and happy in school to the best of their abilities. Being able to know my teachers on a personal level yet keeping a formal relationship with them has been so influential in my life. Being able to have someone to go to for whatever it may be is truly a blessing. Lincoln County is also credited for having a beautiful and geographically unique campus as well. The great thing about LC is that no matter who you are, there is always something for you whether it be football or drama club or even banking. Lincoln County is an iconic school, having a long history behind it, and it has done nothing but improve over the years.
I have enjoyed Lincoln County over the past three years. The atmosphere is great and they are working to make the school safer. The lunches have improved so much and the football games are a blast! I'm apart of the band program and although we don't get funding and the feeder schools are taking band out of classes, we continue t do pretty well. I'm proud to be a Falcon.
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I've been in the Lincoln County school system almost my entire life. It's a fine school. It can be a little too strict at some times but other than that it's a good school.
The Lincoln County School System has provided a wide variety of course options to help prepare students for furthering their education. The classes I have taken have been a huge help to helping prepare me for college and have also aided in the process of choosing a career path.
I like the involvement with all the teachers and administration in assistanting us students into ACT and college readiness. I feel like the lunch could be improved upon along with clubs. However I love the progress the school has made with structure and school spirit
I would like to see a change in the food at lunch. I also love the administration and teachers. It's an overall great school.
My experience at LCHS has been amazing, thanks to all the wonderful staff. They are so amazing I could not ask for anything else. LCHS is a place where people can be themselves. There is many things that I would suggest changing at LCHS; however, the most important thing would be to change reading time to study hall. Many students would appreciate it if they were given a time to do their homework at school instead of at school. Like teachers, students don't want to work hard all day then come home and do more school work. Students should be given the choice if they want to do homework at school instead of at home.
This school has pretty good teachers and academics. However, the diversity is low, which leads to a lack of culture. Some of the staff can be quite rude. The dress code is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.
Staff, students and parents working together. Teamwork with one common goal in mind; teaching the whole child.
Lincoln County schools are overall a great system. There are the few teachers that aren't the favorites but they teach their way and sometimes we as students just have to go with it. Which in the end helps us for the future with being able to adapt to different teaching styles.
I like the family atmosphere and all of the great teachers. Overall
I have really enjoyed Lincoln County High School. I think some things can be improved though; likewise, the personal finance and economics classes have been very easy and those classes should pose a little more of a challenge. Only other thing that I wish would improve is the school spirit, over half the student body doesn't participate in school activities like pep rallies and homecoming week. I would still advise parents to bring their kids to Lincoln County because it has been a great experience.
It has a great down-home feeling and for the most part the teachers care about your education and will put forth extra effort as long as they know you want to work hard
This school system as provided me with the knowledge I need to go on and further my education when I graduate. The staff I have encountered as always gone the extra mile to help me succeed.
Lincoln County is a great school and has a great environment. There are some things i would like to change such as the strictness on dress code.
Lincoln County Schools are average at best because while the teachers and administrators do work hard for our benefit, they rarely take students' opinions into account. More often than not a student's opinion on how the school is operated will not be addressed, or we receive the same exact answer every time, "That's just the way it is."
I was in the Lincoln County School System my whole childhood. I always had a good experience with teachers and other students.
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Just small town schools with really nothing to offer unless it's rooted in agriculture or health. No appreciation for the liberal arts. Teachers who have the passion for teaching are stifled by the way they are forced to teach for a test rather than actually teaching students for knowledge.
Lincoln County High School is overall a great place to go for high school. Most of the staff members are friendly and ready to help students achieve his/her personal best. However, the teachers do get caught up in state testing and that is all they teach. So, if there was anything that could change about the high school is the teachers should be teaching to prepare students for their future not a state test. There is a variety of clubs and sports at Lincoln County. Some of the sport teams are great. The clubs go to competitions, do volunteer work, etc.
I really like the diverse clubs and extracurricular activities offered at the school. There is a great deal of school spirit among the students. I would like to see the facility updated.
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