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Lincoln County School District No. 2 Reviews

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I love Lincoln County #2. Specifically Cokeville High school because it’s super small so you can gain a lot of friendships. The teachers here are amazing at their jobs and truly want what’s best for you!
Lincoln County School District #2 is a very smoothly run district, and all courses are held to a high academic standard. The schools have even adapted fairly well to the Covid-19 pandemic and have been fairly lenient with students going through all these changes. Lincoln County has high expectations with all sport and extra-curricular activities, and has pushed them to excel.
I thrived at SVHS! There was a wide variety of interests and money put into the students! The art program along with the sport programs are spectacular. Every one has a place at SVHS.
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The staff at the school cater to the students to ensure their success. There are so many opportunities available at the school that help guide students to find a career or down a path where they already have a career in mind. The school layout is not difficult to figure out and is easy to navigate. The extracurricular activities are all amazing and all strive for excellence. Everyone there cares for the students creating a great culture to grow and develop skills and talents.
What I like about Lincoln County School District is that its staff is quite helpful, and the student body is quite small. The staff are not hesitant to help anyone in need.
Lincoln County School District No. 2 is an excellent place to receive a great education. Coming from other schools Lincoln County has, by far, been the best school system I have seen. Coming from Nevada, the schools in Lincoln County are a major improvement.
I was a new student my sophomore year, did not feel welcomed. I had a couple great teachers and others that were okay.
star valley high was one of the first schools that i really liked. most schools i went to were unwilling to work with me in my unique learning ability, and they genially try to make me the best that i am.
At LCSD2, more specifically Star Valley high school, there is very little to no bullying. The school has many different activities and each student is given an Ipad, which allows for homework to be done quicker and easier. The school also has something called Star Valley Virtual, which is an online school. It allows for kids to retake a class without the embarrassment of showing your peers you failed a class.
Lincoln county school district #2 is a great school located in Afton wyoming. It offers great programs and athletics also. Every year state titles are being brought to the school including all sate. VEry protective school surrounded by great community.
Everything in general at Star Valley high school is just great. It all roots from the community. Some of the most amazing people live in this community, and that transfers on to the students that come to the high school. We all know how to work hard, get along, and try our very best in whatever we are doing. During any sporting event, the bleachers are always full of home town support. That is probably part of the reason that we do wo well in sports.
I really enjoyed that I had a more sheltered life in middle school away from all of the horrible things that happen in other schools. Our school is also small so that the students are able to meet with the teachers one on one when they need help. I enjoyed getting a feel in what sports I liked and wanted to continue in high school as well. It gave me the chance to try out and quit if I didn’t not like the sport. There was not a whole lot bad about middle school other than the changes that everyone had to go through mentally with friends and all of that other difficult involvement.
The staff is wonderful and provide an excellent learning environment. With a relatively small school, a student can really get the help they need. Plus the extracurricular activities are so fun to participate in! We have many talented kids at our school and we all work hard for what we want!
My experience at Star Valley High School specifically was amazing. The school itself is not particularly large which means that it is a close knit environment. The entire community attends almost all home sporting events and there is extensive support from parents and businesses within Star Valley. The teachers are amazing and take their time to try and teach above and beyond what is expected of them as teachers. The school councilors make a point to make themselves available to anyone who may need them and try to make every student aware of all options available to them in terms of academics and life in general. Overall, going to high school in such an amazing community, surrounded by amazing peers and support groups allowed me to thrive.
I would like to be able to talk to the principal knowing that my voice counts. Also I would like to see the rules followed through with. The school would be a lot better place if the administration followed through with there rules.
My school is incredible! Everything is done on the iPad so it is more convenient and helpful. Yes there are restrictions but still great! They are wanting you to have success and do everything they can for you
I like the fact that everyone is one community. There really is no bullying that I have seen throughout my years at Star Valley High. Overall, the teachers are helpful and teach really well. One thing I would change is the school spirit aspect of it. There is not a lot of school spirit throughout the school, we are kind of lame when it comes to that kind of thing.
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I have had an overall good experience at LCSD2. What I would like to see change is getting different activities instead of the same sports we offer.
As high schools go, svhs is a good school. Every student has a chance to get scholarships just for graduating with enough credits. The school is full of supportive, friendly teachers who are there for the students and not because they just need a job.
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