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Lincoln county schools have been apart of my life since I moved to Kentucky the summer before my second grade year. I’ve always had good grades along with good friends. I think what I would like to see changed most is the option of classes, I mean as in more extravagant foreign languages. Of course every student says dress code, but I think that’s because the dress code seems to suppress us sometimes. Overall, lincoln is a pretty good school district.
The teachers are great. They're nice and will help if you need help. Classes are fun and the teachers make the content easy to understand.
I do not like my school. They worry about too many insignificant things. Some teachers clearly have their favorites and its very annoying.
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I believe Lincoln County High School to be an average high school. You can graduate from Lincoln County High School with a respectable education, meaning your learning was not over the top, however it wasn't poor. Lincoln County Public Schools has some standout fantastic teachers, but have some that tend to fall flat when teaching.
During my time as a student in the Lincoln County School system I learned how to better myself as a student and as an individual. By getting involved in academics and athletics as well as clubs I became invested in this amazing small town school. My overall experience was more than I could've asked for. I highly recommend this school district if your looking for a place to help build your character and offer lifetime experiences and opportunities through their programs. GO PATRIOTS!!!!
Although Lincoln houses some of the greatest teachers I have ever met and some amazing students the school itself is not very special. In all honesty the administration doesn't care about its students anymore, just the cash flowing in.
I like that the administration of Lincoln County Public Schools consistently try's to make what they feel is safer and a better experience for students. However, the administration is disconnected to what students need and want.
Good ratio of teachers to students, good faculty, excellent facility. Teachers make sure that students feel loved, accepted, and individualized as well as important. Principals run a strict school, but rules are well received and well followed.
I love the staff and teachers working at Lincoln County High School. They are very helpful and caring about the students. One thing I would like to see change is our school dress code.
Lincoln County High School is more concerned with what their students are wearing and what doors they exit the facility from rather than the education they receive. The teachers are great and have the students best interest on their mind, while administration is concerned with how certain clothing items of females might distract a male from his education. The focus has shifted from education to insane rules governed by politics. The sports teams are favored more than other students in the school. My respect for LCHS has been almost completely diminished.
In the Lincoln County School system, they want to see all of their students be successful but they do not tell all students the important information that they need to be successful in whatever career pathway they have chosen. What I would like to see be changed within the schooling system is that help kids with any college information, tell them about programs like Upward Bound or helping students know when a certain sport tryouts are.
Lincoln County High School will always be near and dear to my heart. As a junior, I have spent 3 years there and I wouldn't trade it for anything! LCHS has shaped me into who I am today and the staff have always pushed me beyond my limits!
At Lincoln County most of the teachers are caring and kind. However, there's a lot of rude students that misbehave. But the school district does serve free breakfast and lunch to students.
I've had a great experience this school try's to help you the best they can on what classes you need to take for your career I definitely would recommend this school to anyone
I have had an extraordinary experience at all levels in the Lincoln County School District. Never have I had an problems and in the future I would feel extremely comfortable enrolling my future children there. I am currently in my last semester at Lincoln County High School, I participate in varsity soccer, basketball, and softball, I am a member of the Future Business Leaders of America club and also National Honors Society. I am very active in my school and I love to participate in all school activities. My school has successfully prepare me for my future endeavors at Bluegrass Community and Technical College to pursue a degree in Nursing.
School doesn't challenge the students enough. Not diverse at all, and sports programs are below average as well.
Lincoln county is a place I call home so I may be a little unfair, but for a person that's lived here for almost 18 years you know the good and the bad. This is an over all amazing place for your Children to go. We have just now became a distinguished school, making us a top school. The teachers are more than just teachers they are like your other parents, I have high respect for the staff. Lincoln county tries to make every student college and career ready, making us more than an adverage student; they are doing more than they have to, too make us successful in life.
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