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The overall experience was pretty good. One thing that can be improved upon is their academic rigor. There should be a better selection of AP courses.
The diversity was the best part about the school. There were more bad things about the school then good. For academics it was poor I wasn’t prepared for the next level of learning at all. It was not a safe place either the bullying was horrible and the teachers didn’t seem to care. There were few teachers who did seem to care and were willing to help students who asked for help. It was a fun school to go to when it came to sports and activities outside the class room.
I think Lincoln is a good community with lots of diversity. It was always my safe place to go to. I think it has improvements that could be made. I think they should start teaching a class all about being prepared for college. They should teach you how to write essays, write proper emails, and to tell them how to reach out to their teachers and go to office hours.
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I like the diversity but the administration was making the school worse. They constantly made choices that benefited only them, and not the students.
I liked how the teachers were very involved with their students. They took time to ensure their students were understanding the material and gave the as much help as they needed. I do think the administration team can be improved though.
I’ve lived the school so far it’s been a great experience so far. It’s my first year in this school and it’s been nothing but fantastic. The teachers are pretty helpful. Everyone in the front office is nice. My counselor is always looking out for me and making sure I and everyone stays on track. I really enjoy every part of this school and everyone in it. I’ve been welcomed and feel like a splitter myself.
Going to Lincoln High School was some of the best years of my life. Compared to most schools, we maybe didn't have the best sports teams all the time, or the highest quality equipment or material things, but the community at LHS was the best I've ever been around, and everyone at that school loved and supported each other. My only hope would be for others who don't know what Lincoln is like to not judge that school district based on the looks of it, but on the values the people there hold.
I enjoy the eccentric personalities able to be found here, I'd love it if Lincoln (High-School) offered a comforting and supportive learning experience.
I have children in the school system, overall its been a good experience. The sports teams seem good, my son has played football and it was an enjoyable experience, they recently put in a new turf on the football field which he is looking forward to playing on. Overall, it seems safe but the city we live in isn't the safest so we are hoping to move, so our youngest will not be sticking with Lincoln for her entire school experience like her older siblings did.
Lincoln high school provided me with the best four years of my life. I’ve met so many great people and the teachers really care about you. The school spirit really shows.
I like Lincoln highschool. We have a lot of school spirit and diversity which I like. Improvements should be in some more clubs that everyone can join.
I've been at Lincoln since kindergarten and I'm now a senior and all I can say is that its came a long way but it still ha a long way to go.
Most of the staff don't genuinely care about the students. Cater way too much to sports and not academics. Not challenging enough classes.
The teachers were okay but many of the students misbehaved and made it an environment not conducive for learning.
I’ve went to this school since i was in the first grade. Throughout my years of going there, I made a lot of good relationships and gained a good education.
I love the neighborhoods around the district, but I dont think the district was equipped for the influx a students that they received when the developments were completed. Diversity is a big issue for the teachers and administration and I personally dont think that they were ready for different races that they now have in the district.
I personally enjoy the classes and the athletic program. I really love the parent involvement in the school and the community. The things that I wish would change would have to be the way teachers and administration handle certain situations. The food could be a lot better in my opinion, and we could also have open campus.
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I️ am currently a Senior and out of my four years attending this school i️ can say this school is decent. i️ wish teachers and staff were more welcoming of different cultures and ethnicities. Food services and cleanliness weren’t all that great either. Athletics are amazing especially the 2018/2019 class has set some records that haven’t been broken since before 2000
When I first attended, in my Junior year, I really regretted going to a prep charter high school before. I meet and created great relationships with teachers, staff, coaches and of course students. There were so many activities, clubs, and of course I got into sports. I really did love Lincoln, sometimes the administration didn't understand where we were coming from so we went around them in order for us students to get things done that we wanted. Class of 2016 showed leadership in things we wanted done.
There were some great teachers and some not so great teachers. The overall experience was a positive one but there were instances they cared more about passing students than actually teaching them.
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