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Limon School District No. RE-4J Reviews

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This is by far the worst school my kids have ever attended. They hire para "professionals" that intentionally cause conflict between students, lunch ladies who are beyond rude, an incompetent secretary, and an absolutely ridiculous dress code. They do not prepare their students for the real world. It's no wonder most of the kids end up staying in this dreadful town after graduating because they don't know how to function outside of their little bubbles. And there also is major favoritism going on between staff and students. I am counting the days when I can get my kids back over into the Cherry Creek School District.
Limon Public Schools is a very great school that helps further students in their educations. The main philosophy of Limon is that anyone should be able to achieve their goals and meet their dreams. Not only does Limon have a fantastic teaching staff, but the community also plays a role in furthering a child's education. Limon also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to keep everyone involved in the school doing something they love. Sports, Music Band and Choir, FFA, Knowledge Bowl, and a plethora amount of other activities keep everyone active and able to find something to do. Also, Limon Public Schools is a very safe environment for it's students. So, Limon is a fantastic place to send your child to school. Being within the walls of the school creates bonds between students, teachers, and other people that give your child the confidence to strive for excellence.
The school has great teachers. The classes are tough, which means we can learn material that other schools avoid. However, the water fountains are hot. The air blowing out the school gets sucked back in because the builders put the two vents near each other. Therefore, the school stinks sometimes. Also, the school is new, so we cannot have food or drinks. Overall, the athletics and school work is what makes the school great.
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Limon Public School has given me many opportunities to succeed. They offer great classes that have challenged me. It is also a friendly and supportive environment to be in. Sports have also shaped me into who I am today. I get the opportunity to compete with my peers and succeed. The only thing that I would like to change is having the school give a few more opportunities by adding more clubs in the school. Overall I am pleased to have attended Limon High School.
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