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I have went to a Limestone County School since I was in Kindergarten. I love the atmosphere of my school and the people in it. I will soon be a senior and before I leave I would love to see a change in it. There should be better lunchroom food for students who don’t have a meal to go home to. More college ready classes need to be installed in the school to allow everyone to succeed in college. The school has pretty good staff, but they should attempt to teach on a more higher level. Overall, I absolutely love the Limestone County School that I attend, and I would recommend it to anyone else!
Limestone county school has been struggling over the last several years. when I went, the schools were ok, but they needed lots of improvement. i remember that for many years we could not use the gym because the ceiling had fallen down. there were also many major problems with drugs and alcohol. It was not an environment that i enjoyed being in. However in recent years the schools had gotten better. they are starting to help students prepare for the real world, and they have fixed the buildings so that they are safe.
There are a wide variety of classes to choose from but would change the college readiness, there needs to be more emphasis on the importance of college and making sure the student understand fully on how to prepare and get connected.
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I like the diversity in our school district. I would change the amount of teachers by increasing the number of teachers. By doing so it would help have more one on one support and I believe it would help people learn more.
I love Limestone Countu Schools. I believe the faculty and staff believe in students and want the best for them.
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