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Limestone Community High School District No. 310 Reviews

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Easterseals week at limestone made limestone a very positive place because the whole community really comes together for a good cause and you can really see what you can accomplish when you work together towards a common goal. Limestone does things other schools do not do.
Very caring teachers, but the students are not always kind to each other. They don’t have weighted grades or benefits for taking higher level classes. It also does not have air. The principal is the sweetest lady. It also has a limited amount of AP and early college classes.
The teachers at Limestone are for the most part very invested in providing a great education to every student there. The sports teams are good, with Basketball and baseball both making it far in the state tournament within the last 6 years as well as the Football team making the playoffs 2 times in the last 5 years. The arts program is excellent and continues to show forward progress. The band is amazing, the Madrigal dinner put on by the choir will blow your mind, and the theater is full of great talent year in and year out.
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The teachers at Limestone truly care about all of their students. They always help you any way they can to help you succeed. I have had teachers stay after school and come in before school to help me with my school work.
I love how they have lots of classes available for anyone going into any field, whether it be science, nursing, or babysitting.
I enjoyed my time at Limestone during my 4 years there. I was envolved in the JROTC program during my time and I could not ask for a better program to be in. The school does a wonderful job supporting their programs, and support their students in outside activites.
Limestone High school is very diverse school and there is always something to get involved in. The schools lunches have had a large change and are very poor. Staff and Teachers are all very friendly.
Limestone is a very good place to go for education. Safety and adminstration can be shaky at times, but overall I think Limestone is pretty well set for itself.
It's an okay school. The teachers are nice and they push you to do better! The students are okay it's just like any other high school with the drama and problems.
I’d like to see a better grading scale, weighted grades for enriched classes, and some better teaching staff.
The staff seems to work as a team. Students don't have the easiest time, but I think I have learned a lot about the world from the small sample of people that attend/ work at the school.
The dual credit college courses offered through ICC have been very beneficial to prepare students for college classes. One thing I would like to see changed is that Limestone does not have weighted grades.
There seems to be more attention on the administration rather than the student body. The lunches are awful, the parking lot is downright unsafe (which is already $30 just to park in), most of the teachers are respectable but none of them get paid enough to actually enjoy their jobs. The building is pretty outdated, in more areas than others.
Pros: good teachers, academics, activities, clubs, spirit
Cons: racial division, no air conditioning
The administration needs a lot of work, but the teachers care intensely about their students' success and Easter Seals Week is amazing.
Limestone Community High School has been my home for four years now. Being there has taught me many helpful life skills and lessons. With raising money for Easter Seals every year, helping out kids with disability's in unified p.e., having a very diverse student body, and getting a fantastic education, I am proud to be graduating from Limestone in a few short months. Being a Limestone Rocket has inspired me to want to help people in my future.
Limestone is not a good high school. There are few good teachers and far too many teachers who do not care about their students. As far as the students themselves, they get worse each year. I would not sen my child to Limestone if I had the choice.
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I love the teachers and the activities available at Limestone but I feel like sometimes they make you take the classes they want you to take instead of what you want. Also I have food allergies and they would not take the time to help me figure out my school lunch.
Attending Limestone Community High School was an interesting expersience. The staff really care about each student. They go out of their way to ask students how they are doing and if they ever need help. The building has a weird set up, the two upstairs halls are not connected, but overall has a welcoming atmosphere. There are murals on the walls that are actually painted by students in the art classes. There are also various activities that are available to each and every student. Overall, the school is welcoming and open to any student. There are niches that anyone could easily slide into.
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