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They suck. They are not a good school. My oldest son would get picked on all the time. And it wasn't his fault. All they care about is their staff. Alot of bully's there too.
I very much have enjoyed my time in the Lima City Schools district, based in Lima, OH. It has opened me up to many different opportunities including groups like Youth in Government, and DECA, which is a national and very prestigious marketing program and also allowed me to travel New York City to march in the Veterans Day Parade in November 2016. Being apart of this school District has also allowed me to meet many different people from all walks of life that have helped me get to the position that I am. These people have encouraged and motivated me through the hard times and celebrate with me during the good times. I will be forever thankful for the experiences that I had in the Lima City Schools.
For me it’s pretty okay but it just it’s too the best. The kids act all types of ways and they just cause problems. The teachers don’t seem to care and give way to many tests and homework sheets. There are some that care but not many. We don’t have a lot of funding for orchestra but plenty for sports. They care more about dress code then education and it saddens me.
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Overall the school system has given me a great start to help me find the best career for me. Thanks for all the help.
I've been a member of the Lima City School District my entire life as a student. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say. The amount of attention the teachers give you is acceptional, and the amount of opportunities Lima Senior has to offer is endless. They prepare you for your future career all the way up until graduation. A lot of times students graduate with a job in the field they want to be in or, are given the amount of experience needed to continue doing what they love. The career tech program is amazing and is open to all students. Lima City Schools care about there students and want us all to succed. That is why the Lima City School District is great and far superior to othe districts in the area!
The Lima City Schools have been fantastic in my four years of high school. I have learned so many things, made so many friends, and achieved so many goals through this district. I have joined a program called DECA. This program has taught me how to public speak, network, and has made me a better presenter. With out the Lima City Schools district I would not be involved in this fantastic program and many other programs i'm involved in. The teachers are fantastic and are really helpful.
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