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Ligonier Valley School District Reviews

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Ligonier Valley is a small yet school-spirited high school. There are many clubs, sports, and activities to join. The community of Ligonier is very supportive of all school activities and even gets involved with some, such as Miss Ligonier sponsored by the Rotary Club. Even though there are limited courses provided compared to larger schools, the faculty and staff encourage students to succeed and get involved with extracurricular activities. Overall, Ligonier Valley High School is known for many achievements academically and athletically that students have worked hard to earn.
In this school you are given the option of taking most classes for college credit, which beneficial for you later on. It’s a small school with little diversity, everyone knows everyone in the school. They adopted a customized learining system, and incorporated the use of seminars into school life. Overall it’s a good school.
I enjoy going to Ligonier Valley school district because of the great educational opportunities, compassionate teachers, and overal great environment. To elaborate, students are open to explore within themselves. We are givin multiple opportunities to join clubs, organizations, and teams. I am currently a member of JROTC and we are given chances to do community service, learn leadership qualities, become more educated on the Air Force and other branches of military and much more! The school staff is always here for the students and more than willing to help us succeed. Yes Ligonier has a few flaws, as do all schools. However, I truly belive Ligonier Valley High School is a very successful school!
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Ligonier Valley School District has a strong focus on assisting each child to reach their maximum potential. I have enjoyed four years of athletics and challenging classes. As a senior, I was selected to participate in three separate internship opportunities. These internships have helped me to decide on my focus in college. I have also been able to participate in taking college classes while in high school. Having these credits transferred to my college of choice will allow me to further my education and attain a law degree in the shorter amount of time. It will save me additional money, since I have been paying for the credits at a reduced rate throughout the past three years. Ligonier Valley has given me an excellent foundation on which to build an exciting
future. I am grateful for the effort put forth by all the staff and faculty. with their guidance and encouragement I am certain I will succeed in my goals.
Ligonier isn't a terrible school. It has the same issues (too much homework, starting too early, sucky food) as many other high schools, but it seems as if the administration is attempting to improve. (We take surveys every so often) There is very little diversity, but that's a given seeing as how Ligonier is a primarily white community. Our football team is really good, but it overshadows the other sports. The classes are relatively challenging (Ligonier uses a more difficult gradin system than most schools). It has its ups and downs.
It's very small, but the classes are small, so it provides more of a close knit relationship with peers and teachers. The school itself is old and outdated and needs to be modernized.
Ligonier had a great atmosphere with friendly teachers and staff and a wonderful dynamic that brought all groups together in the school.

Although the academics (AP and honors classes offered, specifically) were sub-par, the quality of the education was well executed.
I enjoyed my school years at Ligonier Valley High School. All the teachers worked with you if you had any trouble in class or otherwise. We are a small community with big hearts.
The only thing that I would say isn't fair about this school is how the teachers sometimes shame the students who go to the Vo-Tech center.
Ligonier Valley High School is a smaller school, teachers really take time to get to know the students and work with them. Everyone knows each other and almost everyone gets along. There is no major drama within our school and it provides a safe environment and a healthy learning environment for its students and staff.
My experience has been phenomenal. This high school has created not only an amazing learning atmosphere but a second home. The teachers are fabulous and care about the content that they are teaching. The staff share a passion for what they do and support the children no matter what. I have never had a bad experience with the teachers or staff in any given situation. I have an unlimited amount of respect for the school and its members, they have given me a safe place to learn and grow up. I have been given numerous opportunities to become a leader, a better person and a role model to my peers. Throughout my whole experience with this school district, i have been supported and pushed forward whether it involves becoming president of the new club i joined or urging me on to participate in more. I highly admire this school and it is a wonderful setting with wonderful, staff, students and spirit.
LVSD provided a great education experience, and prepares students very well for college. The only thing I wish LVHS had would be more Advanced Placement courses available to take.
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