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Overall. I feel like Lift for Life is a good school. Teachers push you to be the best student possible as you head for the collegiate level. Lift for Life requires you to have a few more credits than normal to push you to do more and be prepared for college properly. My last few years at Lift for Life have been really successful. I am a honor roll student who is going into my senior year feeling prepared and ready for college soon.
I went to Lift for Life for about six years (6-12) and I have to say that I am grateful that I had the opportunity there. I always wonder where would I be if I went somewhere else. Would I be the person that I am today? Would I have ever continued to pursue art without some of the influences from the friends that I made? Would I have even made the type of friends that I did going somewhere else? I think at this point, the answer to all of those questions is no. Some of the people that I met here have to be some of the most original, creative, and funny people I could have ever met. No one there was ever trying to impress anyone. They would always stay true to themselves no matter what. Sure there were friend groups that have been established since 6th grade but towards the end, we all kind of molded together as one big friend group. Not many schools' students can say that they are friends with almost everyone in their class, but we had the privilege to say that we did.
My experience at Lift For Life Academy has been phenomenal so far. I am only a junior who's attending there but the experience has been great so far. At Lift For Life Academy, you're treated like family. Everyone helps eachother out, so basically no one is left behind. I would tell anyone that Lift For Life Academy is the place to be because you will learn as much as possible.
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I have attended lift for life academy my entire middle and high school career. It's a very small school but that one of thing I like about lift for life . Also, they truely live up to there policy of no student get left behind. I really enjoy attending school at lift for life academy.
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