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Licking Valley Local School District Reviews

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I have just started at this school earlier this year, and as soon as I walked in the doors on my first day, I fell in love with it. Everyone is so nice and accepting. The only thing that I would change is the price of lunch.
My experience was great. Teachers were always there to help and challenge their students and most teachers went above and beyond the standard in order for their students to understand the coursework. The school has a very nice and clean building. The sports are overall okay, most don't make it very far in tournaments, however the athletic department is like a family. The only reason that I wouldn't give it 5 stars is because of the grading system is very flawed and unfair. As well as some faculty can be quite immature at times.
It's a large rural school, they combined a lot of smaller schools into Licking Valley so now it takes in most of the area's rural children. The teachers aren't awful, and do try to actually help the students. The administration is perhaps the worst thing I've ever dealt with in existence, however. They tend to have a difficult time cooperating with you and tend to ignore any complaints. Horribly diversity, less than 10 African American students and less than 5 Asian/Latino students in the high school of about 700-800. The science teachers were my favorite, however I'm a biochem major currently so I may be biased. The guidance counselors were also a fantastic help to me, and really helped me with getting into college. Overall the teachers and such were fantastic, but the administration above the principal of the high school is awful.
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I have gone to Licking Valley since I was in second grade, I am now a senior. I absolutely love this school!! I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Everyone is so nice and caring.
What I liked about the school district was it was close to where I lived. The buildings were fairly new. I liked how the district was dedicated to teaching students as much as possible in a fun interacting way. One thing I would change about the district is the politics. If you are not a part of a certain group, you are not accepted by certain people.
Licking Valley is a small town community that draws each new face in. The school district not only has that sense of closeness, but it also has a sense of prefessionalism. Licking Valley has a great staff, great facilities, and an even better community support system. I am proud to be a part of this school district.
Valley to me, is a typical high school with cliques and drama. However, with the help of my music community and english teachers I had a very enjoyable couple of years there.
The teachers are phenomenal. They truly care about their students. The courses are challenging yet attainable.
I've liked a lot about Licking Valley, the teachers and staff are nice and friendly and are willing to do anything to get you ready for college or whatever you want to do after high school. The one thing I would want changed is the grading system. It has been changed every year I've been at Valley
I've met some of the nicest people here, and the meanest - as you will find anywhere. I love the individuality the school has and your ability to have a relationship with you teachers. Most of the faculty care about the success of their students from a personal and a professional level. My main drawback was the grading system. The mix of Common Core and Standards-Based Grading made my high school years a pain in the rear end to say the least. Lastly, join our track team; those are my best memories and I will never forget my team.
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