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Licking Heights Local School District Reviews

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They have good academic programs like College Credit Plus Options, AP subjects, as well as some honors classes.
I loved the top notch education opportunities..i loved my friends and how involved we were with changing our community
Quickly growing school district, with teachers that more often than not care about the education of their students. Some challenging classes, and expanding list of AP classes offered.
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i loved licking heights high school. my best friend was on the volley ball team. i came to all her games and school events. everyone was so kind. the family/community atmosphere made me want to transfer from my high school.
I like the diversity of the schools. There does not seem to be alot of peer pressure associated with statuses etc. I don't feel that my children were challenged enough as far as the curriculum. And i feel that the communications have decreased between the school and ongoing events for the high school. Overall I do like the school.
Being a senior at Licking Heights High School has been pivotal in my not only my growth as a student but also as a young person making strides in self-amelioration. This past year I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend a college at The Ohio State University at Newark as a full-time student with no student debts or worries thanks to Heights. Junior year I had absolutely no idea that I would get the chance to attend and complete 24 total credit hours of college before even receiving my diploma. This is all owed not to myself but to the great school district, and even better faculty that helped me grow into the person that I am today.
My experience was very good, I felt I learned a lot and made friends along the way. Learning time management and experiences great teachers were two highlights. I have gone to Licking Heights my whole schooling career and am a child of a teacher in the district. Go Hornets!
Would like to see more activities for the diverse students. The school is pretty diverse but not a lot of options for all students
Licking Heights, had allowed for me to grow as a person and as a student. The school had offered many ways to challenge my intelligence. From their rigorous honors and AP courses to The their college credit plus options.
The school is very diverse, allowing for students to be exposed and grow comfortable with a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas.
It would be a better school if it was not over crowded. Free breakfast but not free lunch. Descent size school. They offer ap and business classes. Several science classes along with social study classes. Very close with the other schools in the district.
I've been at Licking Heights for most of my life, and I've been glad to see how much the community has grown. Although, there are still issues with the school district, the most pressing issue being that there is not enough space for everyone. Thankfully, a new high school is being built, and it is supposed to have a tech center. Most of my experiences with the district have been average, with nothing truly standing out to me. However, most of the teachers, in recent memory anyway, are good at what they do and really want their students to succeed. My education may have not been up to par with surrounding charter or private schools, but I still believe that I am ready for life beyond high school.
I have gone to licking heights ever since the 4th grade. I️ am now a senior and I️ wouldn’t change a thing about my high school experience. I️ loved my teachers, especially the history department. As I️ got older I️ came to realize that the culture and diversity of licking heights is one incomparable to other schools around it. This diversity will allow those students to thrive in the outside world just as I️ will when I️ graduate in May
There were few of the food that was available that was actually good, but besides that Academics were okay - very good depending on the teacher you got. The sports were very good, and so were the music classes. Marching band as well as the wind ensemble went to state finals all four years I was there.
Overall my experience has been very favorable. I've been in this district since kindergarten. Would like to see better communication between the schools and families especially at the high school level.
Licking Heights is a decent school district rich with diversity, sports and school spirit. However, besides that, there’s not that much to offer. It’s in a cornfield with no real places to go within a 5-6 mile radius. This is good because that means that nobody can walk off campus. However, this can become a safety hazard if something were to happen or if a student were to be stuck on campus with nowhere to go. The academics are alright but unless you take honors or AP courses, you probably won’t get challenged and will be constantly learning the same thing over and over again. Most of teachers here are extremely nice, caring and understanding but tend to show favoritism towards the athletes/popular kids. The sports are nice but at times there’s too much focus on them. I never really noticed much parent involvement but there must be some.
Licking Heights offers a plethora of classes, normal or college level, that will help advance students in their education. My junior year here was very successful and helped me prepare for college in terms of academics. The AP classes are high quality and the staff are dedicated to bettering the students.
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Licking Heights is a place that everyone should feel welcome. The teachers create a wonderful atmosphere for kids to learn. The school is rich in diversity and we all push each other to learn.
Licking Heights School District is a very diverse district, many different races and cultures unlike many other schools. I have learned so much at Licking Heights but, I feel like my education could've been better at other schools. I just wasn't challenged enough even in hard classes. Overall, the experience was great.
I am a alum of the school. I wish that the school would have better prepared me for the future especially on how to deal with the struggles of college.
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