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When I move to blacklick with my family. I was the new kid on the school, I was a freshman. I was nervous at first, but as I talked to teachers and faculty members. They were kind. I was lost, and got into some wrong classes, but I survived freshman year. To be honest. This school had offered it's best to me.
It is a school that is unfortunately struggling to keep up. The school district has grown so much yet the school has not received adequate funding for all of the new students.
Great diversity of students and cultures. However the student population is always increasing every year, making the middle and high school overpopulated and decreases optimal learning experience.
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Growing up in Licking Heights I was taught about diversity from a very young age, that is because where we are located has many different types of people. Because of how diverse my school was you would think that there would be more of an understanding of culture, but many people throughout the schools were blatantly racist. There also was little to no help when it came to mental health resources and preparing for college. Educators who actively loved their jobs were slim to none and any college preparation the students would have to figure out themselves. Before last year our sports were pretty good and helped students earn scholarships but as of that opportunity was also taken.
Licking heights isn’t like any other school distract in my opinion because it has all kinds of people who go there and it really didn’t have rich snobs that glitter there money a lot. I really enjoyed to environment and energy from there and I was lucky to get a 3.98GPA throughout my high school career which is what helped me get into Miami University Oxford Ohio. It was a very unique high school but the one thing I would change would probably have to be for them to add more classes for students to take because there list is sort of basic compared to other high school's.
I truly appreciated the diversity within our district. They offered many AP and CCP classes which allowed me to start my college classes in my Sophomore year.
The teachers for higher level classes are phenomenal and absolutely love their craft. I’ve had a great experience concerning AP and honor level classes and the teachers within them. Very thankful for my teachers!
Licking heights has some nice teachers that care about their students. The bad teachers out weigh the good. Some of the administration is great but most are poor. The school is very over crowded. Education is not good since we have so many kids and the councilors are no help.
Licking Heights is a widespread and diverse community, with lots of opportunities. We may be in the middle of the countryside, but Heights has a heart of gold. There are so many amazing teachers here, and our arts programs are phenomenal. We have one of the best marching bands in the state, and our choir always takes home amazing scores. Our theater has been recognized multiple times. There are so many sports opportunity, even having a female football player and wrestler. Academics here are pretty good, with lots of available AP, Honors, and College Credit Plus classes as well.
I really liked how there are teachers there that genuinely enjoy teaching. I found that I learned the most when I knew that the teacher loved what they were doing. The teachers overall made me feel like I mattered as an individual and that I was not just another student. Although the teachers were phenomenal, we had a few students pass away, but we did not get to have a day off to mourn. We still had to go back to school like business as usual, which made me feel as though the administration cared more about our attendance than our mental state. Overall though, my experience with Licking Heights has been pretty fun and I made quite a few friends along the way. I only hope that in the future our school can become more sympathetic to its students when they are feeling down.
The staff and teachers are very friendly and really have a passion for what they are doing. There are lots of opportunities to get involved around the school whether you are a student or parent.
Being at this school district for ten years gave me the experience to meet many new people and explore the new district area that I had come in contact with. I was able to enjoy being a band member for seven years and even marched in a band as well. I managed to obtain honor roll for my entire time in high school and became very successful during my time at a vocational school linked to Licking Heights.
Good school with high level education. Very crowded though but there is a new high school on the way.
As a student, I can say that Licking Heights High School is an incredibly diverse school, in the students that attend and the wide variety of activities and classes available to them. Walking down the hallways you can hear different languages being spoken by a wide range of students, many that I can easily call my friends. The class sizes are pretty big, and the school itself is overcrowded, but this means that when it comes to choosing classes, students have a wide variety of options. Multiple CCP and AP classes are offered along with different levels of band and choir, literature, graphic design and acting classes. There are plenty of oppurtunities to do well at this school, and teachers that fully support their students despite the struggles of larger class sizes in a smaller school.
Many of the teachers are very caring and dedicated but some are lazy and do not seem to actually care about the students education. Their is a lack of discipline among students as well. Being in many extracurricular activities has enhanced my experience.
I thoroughly enjoy my time at Licking Heights because the teachers are actually interested in seeing you succeed and are willing to help you get there.
While the majority of the teachers are have an obvious love for their kids and a love for educating, there are sometimes too many students to really get the caliber of education one would get in smaller classroom sizes. Licking Heights has a wide array of advanced programs that make it easy for students to progress and several faculty members ready to help with that. The only downside off this is that the staff that usually would help students with personal issues, like guidance counselors, really only focus on college preparation and don’t often give students support in areas they need guidance in.
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Over all the school isnt bad. The sports are fun and a lot of people are involved in them. We have variation of sports. Our Marching band is one of the tops in our district. Also we have a lot of different club activities. The teachers are really nice and they are good teachers. We have high amount of people take and pass ap courses in the school.
Licking Heights is home to passionate students and teachers. Although resources and funding are often hard to come by, the district works to improve the hand it is dealt. Teachers and administrators work tirelessly to provide opportunities for their students. Alumni are proud to have attended this district.
They have good academic programs like College Credit Plus Options, AP subjects, as well as some honors classes.
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