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Libertyville School District No. 70 Reviews

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Many inconsistencies among teachers, classes, homework, tests, chromebook use, calendars, class websites, etc. Frustrating experience for students and parents. The hours of homework given is not effective in teaching or giving students a desire to learn. Homework every weekend does not create a healthy school-home balance. Teachers are allowed to do and say whatever they please at this school with no consequences. Blame is always placed on the student, under the school's claim that this teaches responsibility. Most teachers are only capable of teaching to "good" students. If a student struggles, teachers give up and the students are considered for IEP or RtI classes that are not in any way effective.
There are a couple of disgruntled parents who are repeatedly posting the same poor school ratings on Niche and Great Schools and it's so sad that they feel they have to work the system this way. This is a wonderful community with great schools. My children went through D70 schools and I found the leadership strong, teachers dedicated and engaged, and a school community filled with people who care. Our D70 graduates go on to have amazing careers, some even returning to teach in our schools. Parents here expect the best and they get it. Schools are safe and clean, the curriculum is up to date with textbooks no more than a few years old, they offer STEM and STEAM, and international language beginning at fifth grade, as well as special education and gifted education. Visit a school and see for yourself or check out the parent surveys on the school district website at
FRUSTRATING! Too much homework, outdated curriculum and ideas, and no concern for students with special needs. The administration does not respond to parents. We have struggled to get services for our special needs student and have spent thousands of dollars on testing and outside tutoring. Our regular students have had good, ok, and bad years. The quality of the elementary teachers is varying but most are ok. Highland has been more bad than good.
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It’s a great school that gave a lot of opportunities to get involved for every type of person! The school is very inclusive and they don’t tolerate hate. The academic rigor can be adjusted for each person with the classes they take.
Discouraging and frustrating! The atmosphere at this school is not pro-student OR pro-parent. Highland is something that families GET through -- the complete opposite of the high school experiences in Libertyville. Highland is about control and keeping parents OUT! Students are not respected and neither are the parents. There are some wonderful teachers, but their efforts are overshadowed by the climate of authoritarianism and antagonism. And apparently responding to emails is optional with some of the teachers. As an educator myself, I'd like to think that I'm working WITH students and families. That is not the vibe at Highland. Sadly, it's the only middle school in Libertyville and we're stuck with it. They almost operate like they know they're the only game in town Appeals to the superintendent have gone nowhere. Libertyville deserves SO MUCH BETTER!
Great school with a great community, but I would like to see more parent control over the schools. The building itself is nice and most of the teachers are good at their jobs. There is a strong expectations of excellence and that students will go onto college afterwards. They also help kids adapt to highschool in the first year and help them apply to colleges .
Too much focus on testing, studying and homework. Not much learning or teaching going on here. No learning curve. Pathetic. Students held to very high inappropriate expectations for their age group. A lot of teachers clearly do whatever they like with no consistency or care for their students. Horrible experience for students and parents.
safe location in Libertyville high school. friendly people around.
food is not very well, but it is ok to eat.
parking space is not enough to students.
The teachers are fantastic and oh so helpful. If you need help with sometjing they will come in early or after school
..even during the day just so you can get the help you need. There are SO many diverse classes to take! The choices for what classes to take is hard to do because there are SO many. There is a class that any perosn would fund fun!
It seems like teachers and parents are willing to make changes to improve but the district administration and school board keep claiming that nothing needs to change. The more parents and students that complain, the more the district bullies them and blames them for speaking up. They don't encourage parent input at all. Several groups have tried to form to make changes and the district administration will only speak with parents as individuals, maybe to stop any kind of parent movement or reform.

As an educator in a nearby district, I am shocked at how far behind current educational research this district is. When confronted by parents, the administration blames teachers and the union. To the teachers, they blame parents. But nothing improves for anyone except the administrations ridiculous paychecks (superintendent earns over $250,000 plus retirement, car allowance, & insurance benefits). If my district got a B- rating, people would want the superintendent fired.
I like the overall commmunity! School sirit and school culture are great. The arts department is really good too. However, I could appreciate better teachers in certain subjects and more manageable homework schedules.
Some elementary schools are better than the others. HMS is terrible and everyone says it but no one changes anything.
The District is strong for teaching and educating the students of the future. But the heart rate monitors incorporated in gym class, are not helpful for the students who are athletic. These students have to work harder to get a better grade. Some teachers are understanding while others are not. Next year gym will be apart of your GPA. Every other aspect seems to run smoothly. This make up for the lack of understanding. Also the school dances are great.
There is a saying around Libertyville, 'the best day at Highland is your child's last day at Highland'. Couldn't be more true! I have no positive remarks about this school, which is sad because my children's elementary school was wonderful.
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