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Liberty Union-Thurston Local School District Reviews

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Liberty Union-Thurston school district has a great academic programs within the school itself. One program would be the Agriculture class. The classes are diverse, from teaching about animals and plants to hands on experiences with wielding and wood working. Another great program is the track and cross-country teams. These programs have great opportunities to grow within the sport. Clubs and other extra curricular activities are becoming a huge success within the district. Some activities include drama club, musicals, art program and community service opportunities.
Small and friendly learning environment, students have one on one interaction with teachers which helps to comfortably ask questions when needing help with a subject, administration always helps to the best of their ability
Great teachers; could use updates to athletic facilities. Love the small class sizes. Very personable.
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Liberty Union is a nice school district. The people are very welcoming and kind. They accept you for who you are. It is a great district for someone that has to move districts.
I graduated from Liberty Union in 2015. Half of the staff was still the same from when my dad graduated in 1985. This could be a good thing if they were good teachers, but a lot of them were not. There were a select few good teachers and coaches but the mass majority didn't care about their students except for the favorites they picked. And the favorites were always kids born into the families who ran/worked at the school or their friends.
My overall experience has been pretty good. Liberty union is a typical average school. Everyone is very nice and talkative. I love their FFA chapter as well as their other school organizations
Liberty Union has a very small atmosphere that allows you to really get involved in everything, however everyone and everything seems to be very small-minded at this school due to that.
This school is somewhat lacking in most distinguishing details, but while it is a very basic and unremarkable facility, it is safe and the staff are trustworthy and helpful. Compared to the others schools I've been to, the staff here are kind and always willing to help a student out. This does not only include the teachers, the principal, guidance counselor, and vice principal are all lovely people. I have had some family issues happen during my last year here, the most recent of which will be affecting me for the rest of my senior year, but they staff has been more than willing to assist me and work with me and my family to find the solution that works best for us, even if the situation has been less than convenient. Other than that, I would describe Liberty Union as a very average and typical American school. There is a large focus on sports and others school groups, and most students are decently friendly.
I have been enrolled in to Liberty union since 2009,i have been here my whole life and i cant tell you how much i have loved my time here,im not ready to leave just yet before leaving my mark.I am in student council,interact club,pro peace club,debate,foreign language club. I love all my class mates and the wonderful staff. I strongly recommend this school.
It's a good school, however there are some faculty members that do not care to put forth any effort to teach.
I'm a junior in at Liberty Union High School. And I switched schools in the eighth grade to come to this district because it was going to offer me more opportunities. I will say the middle school was excellent. However when i transitioned to high school I noticed the school was very narrow minded. Not many classes to choose from. This bore me quickly. So I took advantage of the College Credit Plus Program. Luckily they offer this for students more advanced for the faster pace education that LU does not offer.
This absolutley the worst school I have ever encountered. I have had one son that graduated from here and he was bullied to the point that he hated to go to school. I have another son that has also been bullied to the point that we had to move him out of this school.The administration does nothing to help the situation at all.
We moved our kids in from Alabama and have regreted it from day one. We know of at least 4 families that have had the same issues,drugs are a prevelant issue that is not controlled here , and if your kids aren't willing to fall in line they are bullied relentlessly.
My Advice to anyone looking to move in to this district is STAY AWAY!!!
This is coming from a person who has a house for sale in this district so it must be bad.Jamie Francis
All the people are nice - bullying not apparent. Lots of clubs and activities to join. Lots of parent involvement. Small community where everyone knows everyone and support the school. Great band program.
I really like that Liberty union is a small school. I've had some great teachers and I've had my share of not-so-great teachers. We don't have a lot of electives to choose from and the sports programs need some work. I've met amazing friends from my school. I feel as we though we don't get prepared enough for the ACT. I wish there were more AP courses and more languages to choose from.
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