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Liberty Union High School District (Brentwood) Reviews

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Being in this district is great. The faculty knows what they are doing and are always around to help.
Liberty High School is an amazing school and is a very friendly school. Liberty High School acts as a family and everyone is always so kind and helpful to one another.
This school district is great. Very good schools and staff is amazing. Each school is very diverse and has great teachers. The teachers are very supportive.
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I like the clubs & activities and how it prepared me for college. I feel that I am ready to enter college.

Diversity needs to improve. As well as cultural sensitivity. There have been issues at several of the schools within the district with no positive results.
As a Liberty High School alumni I can honestly say it was an amazing school. Liberty feels like home because Brentwood is a small town and everyone knows each other. Liberty will always be a second home to my family and I.
It’s very good, the administrators are really good and the teachers know how to teach and the food is always good the extra curricular activities like football games and dances and rally’s are super fun and super entertaining
I like how diverse the school district is and how interconnected all the high schools are with each other.
What I like about liberty high school is that they;administration, teachers, and the college center, are determined to help you with your future, whether it’s college, military, or other careers that you are interested in. One thing I would consider changing is the communication between the administration and the students.
Liberty is a safe and inviting environment for both teachers and students. The whole school is filled with pride for their school.
As a senior at Liberty High School in the Liberty Union School District I have experienced four years in this district and am happy to say how happy I have been here at this high school. My teachers have prepared me for my future and are kind to help me with anything I need, I have also met my wonderful friends and made so many memories at this school. This district has given me the high school experience that everyone should have in ways of feeling safe, educated, and valued.
Liberty High School is a place with lots of diversity. There is always something to do such as clubs, sports, activities and more! The teachers are always willing to help out the students as much as they need and will always make sure you get the topic before moving on. All the staff and students are always available to help others in need. Such a great school and would definitely recommend it to Bay Area Students!
Liberty High is a great school, there is a place for everybody because of the number of opportunities. At Liberty there are many different clubs or academies that you can be a part of. Like any other school there are some drawbacks, some teachers aren't very good, but overall it is a good learning environment.
Liberty has a great staff who really care about their kids and most of the students have great pride in their school. There are so many opportunities open to Liberty students I just wish more students would take them.
my high school experience has been fun overall, we have a very diverse school community and I feel like we have a safe school environment. although most of the teachers lack experience in teaching.
I actually really like the Liberty Union High School District. At my school which is Freedom High School we have a good staff, the teachers are very helpful and friendly. Although I dislike the fact that we have split lunches which separates me from my friends. But overall I like the district.
I found that Liberty High to be a fun place with classes that I liked. However, the clubs are boring and new classes that would of been useful when I was there make you wish you were younger to take advantage of. All in all it is a decent school when I went but now they are adding common core science which is a terrible course , so thank god I did graduted when I did.
Liberty was a very warm and welcoming school. The relationships that you build there whether it be with a teacher or student are unforgettable. There is always help if you need it and the teachers I've had were all very supportive and driven to help us achieve. The sports events were always fun and there were many clubs and activities opened for those who wanted to get involved.
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I like how they try their hardest to connect with all students to their ability and openness. Something they really need to work on Is the facility and it cleaning.
My high school experience has been wonderful so far, and I am grateful for all the opportunities Freedom High School has given me. The student body is incredibly diverse and the teachers have always been more than willing to help. The campus itself is very welcoming and the modifications that have been done, increase the appeal of the school. I am very glad I chose to attend Freedom High School, which is a part of Liberty Union High School district.
I want to see more funding and inclusion of mass programs on campus into the classes eyes and more funding. All the funding went to the leadership class and sports and nothing went to the performing or visual arts and students are forced to bring in all their materials that should be provided by the school. And students aren’t allowed to wear awards from band or theater at graduation when they have in the past which is another example on isolation seats from athletics.
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