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Liberty Union High School District (Brentwood) Reviews

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My experience at Liberty High School so far has been pleasant. I've never had problems with the staff at this school and never had trouble fitting in. I believe there's a place for everyone at Liberty. School is an outlet for most people like myself, its welcoming environment allows me to destress during difficult times. the one thing I would like to change about Liberty High School would be to make the student council and staff more diverse. The only thing which made me feel like an outsider has been my ethnicity. I wish Liberty would embrace all cultures by having a more diverse student council, its important to be well rounded and include everyones voice.
LUHSD specifically Heritage is a very good academic school that succeeds in offering their students a road into their own direction with many different electives. However socially it fails with many accounts of racism, compliant teachers which blankly ignore racial/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic actions. The school has improved slightly with racial tensions but there is still a large toxic culture of ignorance in Heritage.
Liberty is the original high school in the area. It has a great legacy and traditions that have been around for years. Many generations have attended Liberty and it makes it very unique.
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My name is Kimberly Sepulveda and I am currently a senior at Freedom High School. I have attended Freedom High School since my freshmen year, and I have loved it all along. My favorite thing about my school are the teachers who genuinely care for you and the amazing staff members. I have felt supported and cared for by all of them. The activities are very fun and they make sure everyone feels welcomed. I would not change a thing.
Liberty Union High School district is a very good school. Students are always involved all around my community. Teachers are very nice. The sports teams are very talented.
There are good opportunity to excel in our high school district. But overall I feel like administration in our high schools is very poor. Many teachers don’t really seem to care about kids and lack care for students. Few and far between you stumble across a teacher that really does an amazing job showing care for their students. But to many teachers don’t seem to have any interest in really helping students be prepared for college or the real world.
The school district is diverse in many ways and there are great academic opportunities but the well being. The academics are good but well being is average.
Overall, I feel like my positive experience on campus was due to my extracurriculars at Heritage High. I became heavily involved in 5 clubs; despite all of the stress of classes, it gave me motivation to keep up my grades in order to participate. I have encountered many extraordinary educators. Through this who have helped me get through high school.
My concern is that our district is not doing enough to restrict vaping and drugs in the bathrooms and have resorted to simply just shutting down the only bathrooms around certain buildings. It becomes an issue, especially for girls, if there is only one bathroom open between two buildings. On top of this, it causes the smoke alarms to go off almost every week.
Additionally, our campus supervisors must learn not to be so judgmental. In my few encounters with them (who are all middle-aged men), they tend to act very sexist and rude to individuals. This significantly impacts students' behavior and can be easily seen on campus.
I liked my school district a lot. I was provided with multiple resources for college application help. Many opportunities are given for community service, tutoring, scholarships, college meetings, and etc. The schools in my district are safe for the most part. What I did not like about my school district is the unnecessary rules made, such as not being able to sit in our cars before school, having a closed campus, and the confusing schedules. This school district was also very low on mental health help. Although we are told that we can talk with counselors and are given hotline numbers, I never felt comfortable talking with my counselor about these things. Hotline numbers were the only real resources we were given.
While the school isn’t perfect, it is the closest I have seen to it. I have had a great time here. The majority of teachers truly care about their students and the campus is constantly improving. I go to Liberty and have heard only good from the other campuses in our district. Not to mention the sports are fantastic. Overall a really great school.
The teachers care, the classes are fun, and the overall experience of the camaraderie between the schools leads to a memorable high school experience at any of the schools in this district.
My experience with the liberty so far has been pretty good. I am involved in sports so the community has been very kind to me and my teammates which makes the high school experience 100 times better.
I truly have enjoyed my time with the school's choir, it allowed me to travel abroad and compete with other local schools in my area. The staff and teachers are very helpful some more than others of course. But now with being in my senior year I have received a lot more help than in any of my past years in my school. The few things that I feel must change for my school to improve at is the cleanliness of the outside areas such as the hallways and quad. Also most of the classes within my school need to be updated so that the students may be able to take advantage of the tools we need to succeed with. The bathrooms need to be better maintained so that the students can use them without feeling disgusted. Other than any of that, I feel through out my high school experience I have been able to succeed in many ways and have been able to truly decide what my pathway may be for my future.
Great academic program, variety of electives, lots of resources to help your student succeed and prepare for next level.
Liberty Union High School District is a great school to attend. A majority of the teachers truly care about education and strive to teach in a safe enviroment. Although a majority of teachers are of great quality. The agricultural department struggles to find a teacher to fit the program. At nearly going through a different teacher every year, the school needs to find an educator that is not lazy and unwilling to listen, but a teacher that understands the program and enters the school with fresh eyes and open ears. There also needs to be better teacher reviews, whether done by staff or students, there needs to be a way to find out the true culture that resides within the classrooms.
I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, California. I am proud to be directly involved in celebrating the diversity our school district takes pride in. Our academics are very beneficial to many students as LUHSD provides opportunities that are unique. Our district is also very community driven, with lots of parent involvement ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for all students. Our district has many positives, however, certain aspects can be improved upon such as food. The food served in our cafeterias are often not healthy, nutritional, or enjoyable to eat. Many students depend on school lunch as a main provider of meals, and improving the quality of food served should be taken into higher consideration. Overall, the Liberty Union High School District offers many resources for students to pursue higher educations and attain lifelong skills, however, some aspects could be ameliorated.
The district its self is very good! The onlt thing I would like to see change is with how the teachers and staff can help students out that are going through situations even medical issues too.
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I’ve had a pretty positive experience attending my high school. They provide a lot of after school activities for the students to do, and they provide a lot of opportunities to participate in school events. But, the classes are too stressful. They also don’t have a very good math program.
My high school experience at Liberty High School was great. I participated in many sports and was active in several clubs. My academic experience was also great. My teachers were very helpful and always did their best to prepare me for college and whatever I might try to pursue after that.
What I like about the school district is that some of the teachers are willing to help you when you are absent. I also like how the kids can be nice some of the time.
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