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The Liberty School District has been a great place to attend school throughout my childhood. From the beginning I have felt like this district has set me up for not only academic success, but life success as well. The staff and students create a great atmosphere to be in each and every day. The friendships and relationships that I have made as a Liberty Public School student are some that are lifelong. These relationships are what shaped me to be who I am today and I hope that I can apply what I have learned in school to my future.
Teachers hold students accountable and push for excellence. There are a variety of classes taught by experienced teachers. The district scores are higher than most in the state.
I love how outgoing and supportive the teachers are! I have learned so much from the wonderful people in this district, and I honestly feel very blessed to have been a part of it. I feel that all of my teachers have encouraged me to achieve both in and out of the classroom.
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Liberty School District is undoubtedly a great district! With great teachers in all schools that really care about their students. It is such an awesome experience to be a part of such a great district. From Liberty's amazing athletics programs and nationally ranked Fine Arts, it no doubt that Liberty is the right choice for any family. Starting with the amazing Early Ed center, then to its great Elementary Schools, to the four awesome Middle Schools, and Two of the best High Schools in the State but also in the Nation! Liberty strives to improve education by implementing new types of learning environments and testing out all kinds of new technology to advance the capabilities of its students. Liberty School District gives their Students the ability to learn about the new technological world by giving all students either an iPad or MacBook, Liberty is setting the students up for success!
I had a good high school experience at Liberty South (the older liberty high school). I played for their softball team and we were pretty good when I was there. There were very few teachers that I didn't like, most of them were great! It's a big school so you have to be ready for that. I didn't know the people I sat next to during the graduation ceremony.
I’ve been at Liberty North high school for four years now. Throughout my journey, things have been pretty good. Most of the teachers I’ve had are awesome and care about the students and their improvement. The school is very clean and up to date and I like the layout of the school. I’ve made lifelong friends and North and overall it’s a great school.
The teachers were great and I felt like bullying was kept under control for the most part. I honestly enjoyed going there for my high school years.
Great environment with fantastic teachers that helped me to find what I was passionate about and gave me chances to excel.
Liberty Public Schools have a great fine arts program. It has been a great school district to learn in because they provide you with the tools you need to learn the way you need to. The only thing I would change is to give the student body as a whole more ways to get involved with the community.
There is a very bias focus on students who are affluent. Overall, the education is one of the best in the area, but as a graduate, I have seen that our education does not match up the the difficulty of college.
As a student at liberty high school, I have enjoyed my time at Liberty High School. The academics are great, the sports are superb, and the school spirit is off the charts. I do wish that all schools in the district were equal in terms of facilities.
I've been in Liberty public school from kindergarten through now going into my senior year and I've had nothing but positive come out from it. I've made some many friends and learned so much. I've met teachers who have taught me more than just a lesson at school but how to act out in the real world. They've taught me to become a better person and taught me many life lessons on how to simply be a respectful person. I couldn't thank the staff of LPS more for everything they have done for me.
I would not be the man I am today if it wasn't for the amazing support I received from the Liberty School District. I just recently graduated the other week and as I look all the way back to Kindergarten I realize how amazing this district is. The teachers not only care about your education, they care about you. The want to see you succeed in the short run, but also push you to succeed in the long run. Furthermore, the vast amount of activities leads for their to be something for everyone. As I head out to Boston University next year, I heavily recommend to ANYONE to invest in this wonderful district
Many of the teachers really cared about their jobs, they took into consideration every student was different and really got to be personal with each student in order to fit their needs
I like the district because they do have some amazing teachers and staff! They offer many different programs and opportunities for students to get involved in, even those who have disabilities.
I like that there are so many classes available. Liberty also offered internship/shadowing programs, which I was lucky enough to participate in.
Offer a lot of scholarships that are easy to apply to and easy to access. Would reccomend to college/ high school sutdents.
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This school district is known for being one of the top school districts in Missouri. It really is a great district to send your child to. The academics and teachers are great, plus if your child goes to Liberty North High School then they will be at a brand new high school. It is absolutely gorgeous (especially the gym) and full of state of the art equipment.
The Liberty School district is a great, caring district that believes in all of it's students. Liberty is a great family town.
I feel like our children are receiving a good education here. Programs and course that prepare them for college are available, and they have the necessary resources like computers and equipment.
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