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Liberty Independent School District Reviews

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The teachers that currently work at Liberty Independent School District are intelligent teachers who are great educators. Also, it is very easy to receive help whenever needed. Additionally, the sports programs are great and give everybody an equal opportunity to participate. Moreover, the school is extremely diverse and is not one-race prominent.
My experience at Liberty High school was one of the best experiences in my life. It is one of the most diversified schools that I have been to. They work with your activitys, have excellent teachers, and a very good sports program. All parents get involved in many programs that they offer for a smallish school.
I like going to Liberty schools, they gave me a lot of useful knowledge that I will use in the future.
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I like attending Liberty ISD for many different reasons, whether it be the variety of college courses, or the great staff and administration. Compared to other schools, Liberty has a much larger amount of dual credit and AP courses available. Thus, students have a much higher chance of earning numerous hours of college credit before they leave for college. As for the staff and administration, Liberty High School has an elite number of teachers who push their students to achieve greatness. Furthermore, they also monitor a very safe and secure school. However, there is a lack of support for extracurricular activities such as student council and NHS.
Liberty School District is very nice. Although it is small, mostly everyone gets along and conflicts are solved quickly. I would like to see it grow and expand in the future.
My experience at Liberty ISD was a really nice one, specially since there are really good teachers, who have mentored me to be a great person and excel in my academics.
It was just a poor school that was full of simpled minded people that will bully you if you are not like the others. To be well liked there you have to be related to everyone there like them, even the teachers are like that. It is not the best school at all I wouldn't recomind it at all.
Liberty is a smaller school district which allows students to interact more with their teachers. I appreciate that there are a lot of the teachers at the school that are enthusiastic in their job. I would really like to see more opportunities for students to be involved in, such as clubs, organization, languages, and sports.
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