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Liberty Hill Independent School District Reviews

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I have had a lot of fun experiences at Liberty Hill. From going to state games, competing with my own teams, and clubs. I enjoy the overall environment of the school district. It has helped me to grow into the person I am today.
I am a senior at Liberty Hill high school. I've been in Liberty Hill my whole life and I can honestly say the district is excellent! The faculty, course material, and students offers an exceptional diverse community of learning!
I have been grateful to go to this high school and be a part of the football and soccer program. Sports are a big part of our school and community as we are a small town and Friday night lights are huge.
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The school itself is like any high school. There are some really good teachers and staff that you can tell really care about the students and there are some that you can tell are not happy with their jobs. The academics are good, some more of the OnRamps programs would be nice, but other than that the options are good. More language classes would be good too. The dress code is unfair but it makes sense since the town is small and very close-minded.
I love the teachers and the education opportunities. The School board is very good at electing teachers and principles that cater to the needs of each student individually. As well as giving the kids the same choices and opportunities that larger classification school have such as DECA and HOSA. These organizations that the school has chapters through the district, this allows for each student to have the ability to branch out through these clubs.
I love Liberty Hill High school and all that it stands for. The people are great and most of the teachers are very passionate about what they do. The sports teams are great and the support and pride that the students have or the school makes it all the more exciting. As there are great things about Liberty Hill, you do have your less passionate teachers who are lazy and could not want anything to do with you. I had these teachers at least once a year in high school, where I was either passing with all completion grades or barely understanding and almost failing. This is one of the faults of LHHS and i know they are on the road to fixing this issue as best as they can. I found myself enjoying my high school experience here and I would recommend anyone to go here as there are a variety of places for everyone to fit in somewhere.
My experience was great with school district. You could tell they cared for the student and parents. They have great Academics!
I am a student of Liberty Hill Independent school district since pre-k. I am a sophomore in Liberty Hill High school and this school the teachers, lunch ladies/men and the custodian treats the students with respect and friendliness. When i started high school there is a lot of options for your endorsement. I chose to be in the health science and i love how we can get our CNA and our OSHA as a senior! The food here is amazing, you can pick from a chinese food to pizza and a burger for lunch. At the school of Liberty hill they are very concerned about the students safety, we do our drills and the staff has logic on what they would do if they have any threats or anything else like a school shooter. All the students here loves to support their football players, all of us goes to our home games and most of us goes to the playoff games. This school has been amazing growing up in.
When I moved here, I was thrilled to see a large, beautiful school. I was, for the most part, satisfied with my classes, though the district needs to pay close attention to who they hire. I had two professors who did not help me learn anything at all. One was fired the year after I had them, and the other transferred to a different school. I am highly dissatisfied with the district for that reason, and that the band program has gotten increasingly worse.
Most of the teachers are supportive with the exception of a few bad apples. A highly competitive school that encourages students to take advanced courses such as AP and Dual Credit courses
I liked that all the teacher's are willing to go that extra mile to help you catch up with the work and the counselors were very helpful. The only thing that I would suggest that the school should improve is the food choices and quality.
Good school. Strong community. Athletics are great. Lots of good academic opportunities. Not a lot of AP classes offered but several dual enrollment and on-ramp classes available.
I like how Liberty Hill is still a small town feel, even though the district has grown so much in the past years. I also like how not too many things have changed in the district since I have been here. The town may have grown, but many things are still a lot like the way they were when I first moved to Liberty Hill 10 years ago.
The High School classes and overall goals are still in the process. So in the next few years Liberty Hill will have all it’s courses, teachers, and behavioral detturance set in stone. Then it will be the perfect school.
While Liberty Hill Independent School District worked hard to make a lasting impact, its inability to prepare its students forced them to be pushed into fields that negatively affected their lives.
The community in Liberty Hill demonstrates school spirit and rallies around the school. The district needs more technology for students.
The staff is mainly focused on football and sports which is great is you are into sports, however not so great if you are trying to grow academically. The high school has great math and english departments but lacks completely in good science teachers. The school district is continuously expanding and growing larger while still being below average in size.
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Great Teachers, Great Programs. Good atmosphere for kids. Kids bully, and we feel like they have not done a good enough job addressing bullying. Responses are slow and inadequate. Still working through this issue.
School focuses way too much on it's football and only certain UIL competitions. Funds aren't dispersed to the different departments evenly. This problem leads to poor equipment in some departments while others are given excellent and up to date equipment.
It was a pretty good school district to grow up in. I was a student ever since i was a Kindergartener. Although there was a bit of bullying, mostly everyone got along very well with each other.
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