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Liberty Hill Independent School District Reviews

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Great Teachers, Great Programs. Good atmosphere for kids. Kids bully, and we feel like they have not done a good enough job addressing bullying. Responses are slow and inadequate. Still working through this issue.
School focuses way too much on it's football and only certain UIL competitions. Funds aren't dispersed to the different departments evenly. This problem leads to poor equipment in some departments while others are given excellent and up to date equipment.
It was a pretty good school district to grow up in. I was a student ever since i was a Kindergartener. Although there was a bit of bullying, mostly everyone got along very well with each other.
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In Liberty Hill ISD everyone is a Panther, whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old. School Pride is huge and football is life. However, all sports are recognized for their achievements. Additionally, there are many other clubs and activities available to give everyone a chance to belong and thrive.
I have spent every year besides kindergarten and first grade in Liberty Hill and I can honestly say that the programs that the children are afforded are very helpful in promoting advancement.
Liberty Hill is an a amazing school district. The teachers are very passionate about teaching and I can only express gratitude for the loving of learning environment and the way they truly care about the kids.
The faculty and staff go above and beyond to make the learning experience a remarkable one, and use all resources available to provide students with the best educational experience possible.
I liked the small town feel of Liberty Hill. My teachers were interested in students extracurricular events and it felt as though there was always someone around who cared. I would like to see Liberty Hill offer students more elective courses in the future.
I love all of the school activities Liberty Hill hosts, and we have some of the best teachers here that I have ever had! I am on the Liberty Hill UIL Social Studies team and it is by far the most enjoyable extracurricular I have ever done! I was also part of the American Sign Language club. It is because of Liberty Hill that I fell in love with ASL, and our new Deaf ASL teacher is definitely the reason. I have made some of my best friends at this school, and have enjoyed all the different classes LH offers, from Political Science to Law Enforcement to ASL!
It blows my mind that people think Liberty Hill is a good school district.
As a testimony, I was harassed by a teacher on FB through my classmates. He lead them what to say to bully me, and later admitted it to me the same day while laughing. I left in tears and have never forgotten it.

Another teacher bullied my brother to the point that he walked out of class and didn't come back.

They are incapable of treating students with diversity and who may have different needs than the popular students they tend to favorite.

If you want your kid to have equal opportunities in ALL areas---sports, acting, dance, academics---GO ELSEWHERE. Liberty Hill is not the incredible place the reviews say it is.
Amazing school district. Students are challenged and prepared. Sports are top notch. Love living here.
In my years enrolled at Liberty Hill Independent School District, I have seen and felt what its like to actually be apart of a community. The involvement from everyone in the small yet growing town of Liberty Hill towards the school district is amazing.
Big changes have already come to Liberty hill. Their new school buildings and location gives a much more easy to access area and looks very professional.
Its pretty good. It has good academics if you search out the advanced classes. The football team gets most of the funding. The advanced and dual-credit classes are of good quality and are educational.
Liberty Hill is a family oriented community that supports and contribute to the LH schools. The staff and students are welcoming to newcomers although most students have lived in the area for several years. With the expected growth, additional activities are becoming available like choir and additional art. The sports environment is very competitive and excel within their 4A District.
The teachers and coaches are there to help you. I enjoyed my years at Liberty Hill. Everyone is friendly and has your back. They are willing to help you through thick and thin.
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