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Liberty Elementary School District Reviews

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I went to the school called Estrella Mountain Elementary School. This school was K-8th, so it was an elementary school combined with a middle school. I truly loved my time here. Though the education wasn't as flashy as other schools, the warm feeling I still get walking back into it, as a senior in high school, should show everyone how beautiful the spirit of this school is. The teachers were amazing and unforgettable, and the experiences I had there were ones I'll cherish forever. No school is perfect, but this school fit me perfectly.
I always felt cared for, that my education was a priority, and going to leaving the school I went to since I was 6 years old felt like leaving a cherished home.
Effectively prepared me for both high school and college, but the facilities were often neglected and learning was not always hands-on.
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The teachers are amazing. You always feel welcome on the campuses. Students are caring. My children all loved their time with the district
School counselor should be more accessible to the children. When a parent needs help, more than just a packet should be sent home. Having a one on one with the child would be more efficient
Negatives: Classroom numbers were/are high. Music program is really lacking. Gifted program ends once you enter the 7th grade.

Positives: Quality, caring teachers. Community feel to the campus. Room for potential growth.
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