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Hinesville , Georgia is a very small town. A couple of years ago it was a very disturbed town. Over the past few years , my county has grown to it’s highest peak. I am proud to be apart of my county , because it is starting to open me to many opportunitities as a senior that I may have never seen.
The only thing I would like to see change is that they had a lot more of electives and push information about preparing for college a lot more then they did when I was there.
I would like to see more choices when it comes to electives. Just because it's located near a military base every child does not want to join the armed forces.
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The schools mostly have students best interest in heart. Most of the teachers will do all they can to help students achieve.
Liberty County High School was the best school I ever been in! There is so much student, parent, staff, and teacher involvement in the school is amazing. You’ll meet lots of nice people including me! An LCHS Cheerleader!
The schools have a really bwx reputation, but from my experience, if you are a strong minded, focused student, then you will like it. I like the idea of signing out ipad for all students to have the opportunity to have such a resource. Their program of having willing and eligible students to have the experience of being in college while at a high school is amazing. I just hope they push those unmotivated students to think about college and life after high school.
Liberty County Schools have made it to where students can use technology in the classrooms, and have a more advanced education. The teachers have very good knowledge about their teachings, and make sure every students is doing the best that they can.
I enjoyed the teachers. When y child was having issues his teachers were always willing to put in the extra time to get him where he needed to be as long as we were willing to put in the work also.
Liberty County is a great county when it come to the students education and college preparation. Although it’s good it still has its downfalls. Liberty County doesn’t allow students to distinguish themselves or express themselves by what they wear to school, instead we wear uniforms. There ought to be more classes to take apart from what’s mandatory in order to graduate.
Overall Liberty County Schools aren’t up to par. The schools focus more on things like dress code than actual education. They’d suspend a student for having a nike sign on there jacket, before letting a student make up a test. They don’t genuinely care for student education.
Most teachers know what they are doing although there are a few who do not. Whoever hires the teachers should do an assessment of their skills in the future to ensure the students won’t fail academically in their care. Everyone treats each with respect and there are few incidents where things become out of hand. Also the uniforms were a great idea in the beginning, but it seems as if all the administrators care about is if we are in dress code or not, and there are some rules that seem a bit ridiculous regarding dress code.
Liberty County has a diverse school system with educators that care about the students and their learning environment.
I was able to survive being there. But since the new principal came in stuff has been different since I was a student. They are really good at reminding us about the academics stand point.
What I liked about Liberty County High School was the motivation and the dedication that some of the teachers displayed. They would go out of their way to make sure the students understood the material that was being taught. My councilor helped me take the next step in my academic success by helping me be accepted into dual enrollment. Earning college credit while still in high school is a recommendation that I would give to everyone. One thing that I would change is the diverse of clubs and activities that you are available to you after school. I would recommend a club, other than National Honor Society, for community service work.
I enjoyed my experience at this school. I've grown to call it home and I think it has made me ready. It was shown me a lot, and taught me a lot and I think I'm ready for the next stage of my life
I have attended Liberty Coubty schools all my education. I feel that the Liberty County School System has just now began to step up about a lot of matters that has been going on for plenty years, for example, bullying.
Liberty County School have help me gain a lot of experience in different things. Being in high school, Liberty County has offered a school made for students that want to get work experience in a classroom. That class helped me get my CNA while still being in high school and a internship.
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It was an amazing school district. It was easy transitioning from one district to another. My family and I did not have any problems throughout my years here. I would recommend anyone to move and put their child in school here.
I love being apart of Liberty County schools! The administrative staff are great and so are the teachers!
Liberty county is a small place and everybody knows everybody. It's a good experience because you get to meet new people considering we live next to a military base. Overall it's a real good experience.
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