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Liberty Community Unit School District No. 2 Reviews

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Staff is very friendly and truly cares about the students. You have a strong connect with most of the people in your class because of the small class sizes. The administration tries to think about and provide what each and every student needs. With the small class sizes there is also a lot of one on one interactions between the students and the teachers. At Liberty you don't have to tryout to be on a team. They accept everyone and anyone that is willing to participate. Students are very respectful and well behaved anytime that they represent the Liberty School District. There is also a big since of pride and school spirit. At Liberty there is a higher grading scale that pushes the students to their best and really prepares them for future schooling. Liberty is also adding more and more courses that students can take. Most of the students that graduate from Liberty either never leave or come back with their own family. When you are at Liberty you know most to everyone that you see.
The teachers at Liberty provide one-on-one attention to students. The school is small enough that every teacher knows you by name, but close enough to a larger city that there are a surplus of opportunities. During my time at Liberty, I enjoyed being involved in sports teams, which have been successful within past years.
Liberty is an extremely small school with grades pre-k to 12th. Liberty takes a great amount of pride in their sports. Because it is a small school there is little opportunity for advanced students.
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Liberty is a place where everyone knows everyone. We're kind of like a big family. The students care about other students, the teachers care about the students, we're basically all interconnected. The teachers push you to be your very best. They help you apply yourself in your subjects. Studies show that we are one of the best school's in our area and more. Liberty is a great place, and I'm happy to have grown up here.
Liberty High School is an absolutely amazing school. My school has incredible staff and students. Our teachers always go out of their way to help any student in need. Not only are we a school but we are a family. We may be small but we are mighty. Our small town has lost so many students, but we always come together as one.
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